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    My wife and one year old son and I will be driving from Anchorage, Alaska to Virginia Beach in a few weeks. This is a permanent move and we don't have any time restraints. We plan to stop in Yreka, California (where I was born) and a few places in Maryland where my wife used to live....but other than that, we have no idea where else to go.

    We don't really have any set route, except for whatever mapquest or AAA maps anybody have any ideas of good sightseeing places or touristy stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankRune

    My wife and one year old son and I will be driving from Anchorage, Alaska to Virginia Beach....We don't really have any set route, except for whatever MapQuest or AAA maps show
    But you can do so much better than what an impersonal piece of software or an overworked travel consultant can do! By all means, go to AAA and get a set of maps, real paper maps, that let you see the entire trip (or at least large chunks of it) laid out before you. Put big red ink dots on Anchorage, Yreka, Maryland, and Virginia Beach. Everything else is up to you. Sit down with your wife one evening and look at what's generally in the way between those points that you really want to see, and start marking those places in colored pencil. Just some possibilities would include Jasper, Banff and Glacier National Parks in Canada, the vibrant cities of Vancouver and Victoria in BC, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR, and Olympic, Mt. Rainier and Crater Lake National Parks, a drive down parts of the Oregon Coast, and the giant redwoods and sequoias of northern California. And that's just the first leg!

    Once you have the outline of a segment 'penciled in', start filling in all the small details of other places worth stopping along the way. When traveling with small children it's a good idea to plan to stop every few hours at a scenic, restful spot. And, of course, there are a host of great and off-beat sites in every state and province that might appeal to you. You'll also want to just generally surf the web looking for things that appeal especially to you. I find that I can find more attractions than I can possibly use by just doing a search on the terms "tourism OR attraction location_name" and following the links in a stream of consciousness fashion. As you find places that you want to stop, pencil them in on the map. Use the web-based mapping routines to see the smaller roads that will get you to some of these smaller venues, but keep your eye on the big picture. Eventually, you'll have a route and itinerary laid out that is perfect for YOU. And you'll know a little bit about the background of the places because you've done the planning yourselves and not just followed somebody else's list.

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