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  1. Default Headed to SF from Savannah & Toledo in 8 days?

    Hello there, We are headed, in 2 cars, from 2 places (Toledo and Savannah), to the same SF location in 8 days max. We'd like to agree on a route that is both economical and amazing and one we can do together. We are planning to leave before the end of Sept and the stress level is rising because we think we should have this all mapped out. Is there a strong argument to be made for the north or south route? Is there really much going on in the middle, enough to make that the route? We're twentysomethings and would love to have your take on the spots to see, since we've not travelled this way before. THANKS, ahead of time.

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    Default Meet and Go

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Another consideration you should make in your planning is that you might like to get together as soon as possible and enjoy as much of your trip together as you can. Now, since Toledo and Savannah are just about a two days drive from each other, that means that you would each drive one day directly at each other and meet in the middle, roughly Knoxville, TN on I-40. From there to San Francisco is just a (relatively) straight shot out I-40 to California, and then a short run up to the Bay Area. That is as good a scenic route as any, particularly if you've never seen the west, as it includes Memphis (Graceland) the Ozarks, Oklahoma City, Cadillac Ranch, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Pacific Coast Highway. You won't have a lot of time for sightseeing, but certainly time enough to stop at most of those for at least a brief visit


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    Hi there and welcome to R.T.A.

    For a cross country trip we normally recommend 5 driving days, which is comfortable and a little time to see places you stop at, so it doesn't leave lots of time for sight seeing.
    A possibility to keep it economical would be to find a meeting place in the middle and head from there, would that be feasible? Although not central in distance St Louis or there abouts [800 and 500 miles aprox ] would set you up for a trip on I-70 through Denver and past many great National parks.
    Of course you could select somewhere earlier if you didn't fancy going so far individually.

    Let us know your thoughts and we maybe able to help more.

  4. Default SF bound, thanks

    You've both given us hope for the middle road! And eating from the cooler is a given. I most worry about the food part as I am a true foodie, the healthy vegetarian style. So how much do you suspect the trip will run us, per car, with 7-8 stops? and will we find any Hostels along the way or just cheapmotels? Should we aim to stay OUT of the cities or are the cities small enough that it's not a big issue. We want to be safe and keep cost down.
    This is what we're thinking:
    OK City
    Santa Fe
    Holbrook AZ
    Grand Canyon
    Las V

    Are there enough cool things to see on this route? Seems like a bit of a compromise... but I guess that's just we need to get going! We're googling like crazy.

    Thanks for the info. RTA rocks!


  5. Default southern route choosen

    Had a glitch and we will be 1 car from the southeast. Others following a few days later. So barring any real weather issues we'll make New Orleans. Dallas (family), Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Vegas, and then Rt 101 North. Have we missed a stop?
    all good-

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    Hi there,
    Your first stop [New Orleans] would be a very long day. Are you planning an extra night here to make it worthwhile? Your next day is doable but it would mean arriving in N/O tired and having to leave fairly early the next day to get to Dallas. If you are spending an extra night a possibility would be to stop a little earlier and arrive fresh the following morning, if not I would wonder if it's worth the detour.

    From Vegas you will need another stop to San Fran realistically and if you headed towards Morro bay you could take the slower but one of the most scenic roads there is to San Fran, route 1 the Pacific coast highway.

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