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    Hi there, my girlfriend and i are planning to travel the US next May 2009, and we're looking for some general advice as we are in the early stages of planning the trip. We're from Wales in the UK and would like to start and finish our trip in New York. We will probably head south from new york down to florida stopping off in washington, north and south carolina. From florida we will head west to panama beach, new orleans, take a detour up to memphis, then across to san antonia and del rio. We will head up to new mexico and colorado and make our way to the grand canyon and vegas. From vegas we'll head to LA taking in the west coast, stopping in San Francisco and Oregon before heading back across to new york through Wyoming, South Dakota, Chicago, Ohio etc...

    We will hire a car in New York to complete the trip, what i would like to know is:

    1. How long we should estimate for a trip like this, making sure we see all the sights along the way?

    2. Average cost per night of decent hotels/motels?

    3. Average cost of miles per gallon in the US?

    4. A rough estimate of the miles we will travel on this particular route?

    Any help on any of the above questions would be a great help, as i said we are in the early stages of planning the trip, so any other advice or links to useful websites would be greatly appreciated..

    Many thanks


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    Default Very Round Numbers

    Cymru am byth! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    All of the numbers I'm going to give you, particularly prices are subject to change, and even now you might be able to do a little better or worse in some locations. Even the mileage is a variable as the whole point of RoadTrips is the freedom to change your mind and go somewhere else interesting that may not have been in your original plans. With all those caveats in mind...

    1) Three weeks minimum, but more would be far better

    2) $75-100, but again, some places might be less, near a major park in the summer might be more

    3) A small sedan might get 20-25 mpg, a minivan 15, and SUV 12

    4) 7000 or so depending on how much wandering you do and detours you take.


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    I pretty much agree with Buck, but I will say that I think you'd be hard pressed to see much anything on a trip of this size without spending a full month doing it. As Buck mentioned, you need about 3 weeks just to cover the miles, so anything less than 4-5 weeks will be mostly driving and very little siteseeing.

    I'd also say that when you are calculating your fuel costs, I'd use a figure of $5 per gallon. May/June tends to be the peak price point for the year, and each year it tends to go up. I'd also figure at least 10,000 miles when you factor in stops beyond the point to point distances of your trip.

    As Buck mentioned, these are all very rough estimates that you will have to adjust as you start to nail down your specifics.

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