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  1. Default Santa Rosa, CA to Orlando, FL - any tips?

    Moving to Orlando at the end of September (we leave the evening of the 19th) and will be driving cross-country in our car while our stuff gets hauled thanks to a moving company. Since we won't be in a big moving truck and can easily stop and smell the roses as we please, we'd like to make the most of our cross-country trek.

    We've come up with three points of interest thus far: London Bridge, Cadillac Ranch, and the Georgia Aquarium. Surely there is a lot more to see and do between here and there. Thought of Vegas to see a Cirque show but those are pretty spendy. Also though of Dollywood but we're going to be living smack dab in the middle of Theme Park, USA so that doesn't make much sense.

    What are some unusual places along our route or good places to eat or anything at all?

    Normally I would have had this all planned out down to the minute by minute list but with having to find a place to live, jobs, and all the stuff that goes along with a move, I haven't been able to devote much time to the road-trip side of things and I don't want to get there and then find out we missed something super cool along the way.

    Thank you!

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    Default Congrats on the new job!

    And welcome to the RTA forums!

    How many days do you have for this trip? You're looking at driving almost 3000 miles so you will need to figure 6 days just to make this trek. If you average 500 miles per day, which is about the highest we recommend for a roadtrip, you will be on the road about 9-9.5 hours per day. This is only going to leave you a few hours each day for sightseeing so you wouldn't want to go far off the main route.

    Dollywood is in Tennessee and I don't see how you'll have time to make a big detour like that on this trip. It's close enough for you to vacation there from your new home in the future so leave that out for this trip.

    The quickest route is down I-5 and then across via I-10. Off of I-10, you'll find many interesting places. Here's just a few: Phoenix, Tucson, Saguaro National Park East, Tombstone, White Sands NM, El Paso, The Alamo, Space Center in Houston, and New Orleans. Most of these are right on I-10 but a few will take a short detour. Unless you have a lot more time than 6 days, this is probably about the most you can consider doing along the way.

    Feel free to keep asking questions!

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    Default some ideas

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Having moved cross country a few times, I know that planning the actual trip can take a back seat, but I also know that moves are some of the only times people can easily take the time for a big cross country trip. I'm glad you're trying to take advantage of that time.

    National Parks are always worth visiting, and you'll have a number of them that you could visit along your way, including the Grand Canyon, White Sands, and Big Bend are just a couple that would be along your general path.

    I'd also read this thread with great ideas for the western half of your trip, and this thread has some more ideas for the eastern leg.

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    Thanks to both of you!!!

    We're leaving the evening of the 19th... it's a Friday, and then we need to be there by the evening of the 28th so I can work the next day. Our stuff isn't getting there until the 1st and then we don't get our new apartment until the 5th so it's kinda crazy but I'm a web programmer so I'll be working form the hotel that week.

    Thanks again for the info. I'll check out the links.

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    Default Glad to help

    And let us know how we can help you further. Keep asking questions!

    And enjoy your new job and home.

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