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    Default Any suggestions for our second roadtrip?

    We had an absolutely fabulous summer this year touring california / utah / las vegas and the grand canyon - so beautiful with so many amazing things to see! Anyway having loved our holiday so much we are keen to undertake another US roadtrip next year. We love wildlife and stunning scenary and also like exploring interesting cities and spending a bit of time swimming and relaxing. Basically we like a real mix of contrasting things to do and see. We have about three and a half weeks and are comfortable with a busy schedule and long drives Any suggestions for our next road trip would be gratefully recieved?
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    Default A Few Suggestions

    Areas that are roughly equal in size to that you covered this year and offer a good bit to see and do would include:

    1) New England and New York
    2) The Middle Atlantic cities and beaches
    3) The Lower Mississippi
    4) Western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming
    5) Colorado
    6) Pacific Northwest


  3. Default My ideas

    Well having taken many road trips some of my favorites were:
    1. New England-stops in Mystic, CT, Newport RI, Cape Cod, Boston, MS, Maine
    2. Black Hills South Dakota- this was a suprisingly fun vacation.

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    Default So many choices.

    Hi there,

    There are so many options, and it's a tough act to follow.
    A couple of my thoughts.

    1] Colarado and Wyoming loop. Rocky N.P. to Yellowstone. Lots of other parks to visit, such as Pikes Peak, Black canyon of the gunnison, Mesa Verde, drive the six million dollar highway in Colorado. In Wyoming there is Flaming gorge and the Tetons to mention a few.

    2]Northern California and Oregon coast [maybe into Washington]through Idaho and into Wyoming, again lots to see along the way.

    It's like being a kid in a sweet shop, so many wonderfull things to choose from, Lol !

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