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  1. Default Las Vegas, San Deigo, San Francisco Road trip

    Hello All,
    New to this forum and excited to find a knowledge bank so full of information.

    My wife and I will be on a road trip starting this weekend for 4 days (30th, 31st, 1st, 2nd) and I am hoping that you can help us make the best of it. It is a short one but I am sure with your help we can make it a great one.

    Arriving in Las Vegas this Saturday the 30th at 2PM.
    Then rent a car and Plan to drive to Sandeigo so we can do the route 1 to San Franciso and back to Las Vegas by the 2nd September by Noon or so, we spend that night there and catch a flight back to Boston (home) on 3rd evening. Only this much is decided. We do not care about going to Sandeigo or Sanfranciso, we rahter see all the beautiful places away from the city. I mention San Deigo and San Franciso only because route 1 goes from SD to SF. Should we just focus on Route 1? I am sure there are nice places around Las Vegas that you would recommend on the way to either SD or SF.
    Our priorities:
    1) See and experience beautiful local culture and sights.
    2) Stop driving in the evening by 6PM, check into a clean hotel and head out to a local place for a delicious meal and a few beers. We are in our early 30s and would not mind hapenning places to spend a couple of hours in the evening dancing to the music.
    3) Stay off-highway where it makes sense.

    Please advice on route, places to stop, must-see places, experiences we should not forgo, good places to eat, clean places to stay ($100-$150). We do nto mind camping at one of the national forest for one night.

    I wish I found this site a couple of weeks ago. Please send in your comments as soon as you can.
    Vidya Guruju
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While I'm not usually a huge fan of reserving rooms for my trips, in this case you need to be aware that you're going to be traveling a very popular section of road over the Labor Day holiday weekend. I expect you'll find a lot of rooms are already booked up, and camping would probably be very difficult to find an available site at this late date. I would start looking now to make sure you find a room that fits your needs.

    If you are only going to focus on CA-1, then you actually don't need to go all the way down to San Diego. The highway actually starts in Orange County, actually closer to LA than San Diego.

    There is a lot to do along the coast, including many great suggestions you can read about here, and you'll certainly want to stop at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

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    Thank you for the suggestions:
    I read quite a few posts and compiled what I thought would be the best route, given the time we have and our wish to take in as many natural and historic/cultural experiences as possible

    Day 1 - Aug 30th
    3PM Start in Las Vegas - Pahrump - Death Valley Junction - Lone Pine - Bishop (stay in Bishop for the night)

    Day 2 - Aug 31st

    Start early from Bishop - Lee Vining - Tioga Pass - Santa Cruz (stay in Santa Cruz for the night, the only reason I have this as a destination is beacuse I beleive the scenic route start from here. If it does not, please let me know.)

    Day 3 - Sep 1st
    Start early from Santa Cruz - Drive along Rt1 - Near LA (stay near by for the night)

    Day 4 - Sep 2nd

    LA - Lasvegas (by Noon)

    My 2 questions are as below

    1) Does this make sense? Is there a better, more scenic route?
    2) Would you recommend the towns I chose for night stays? We would like to halt in nice little towns at nights. We want places where we can see some local culture. A place that has a restuarant frequented by tourists but has a very local feel. The places I picked are, Bishop (night-1), Santa Barbara (night-2, I rather stay in a town that is more remote), near LA for night-3. I picked these places only because those are a few places I saw in some posts. Pleasee suggest

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    I think its theoretically possible that you could fit all of that in, but you really will be in a crunch. You'd be very much in a go, go, go type trip through an area where there are a lot of places to stop and enjoy the views.

    For example, your first day if you leave Vegas at 3, you probably wouldn't get to Bishop until about 9, and that's before stopping to do any looking around in Death Valley. Not to mention, depending on where you're starting your trip from, you could have some jetlag issues to deal with.

    Same with day 2, you'll only be going 300 miles or so, but you'll be going across Tioga Pass, which along with its incredible views it is a slow going road that will be even slower with holiday traffic. I'd say you're looking at 8 hours on the road, before stops and before detouring to see the Yosemite Valley.

    The rest of your trip will require the same rapid pace, and I just don't think it will be condusive to the kind of get a feel for the sites/local culture trip you have in mind. I think you'll probably be best off scaling this trip back, by quite a bit. If starting in Vegas is a must, I think I would look at cutting out the coast and focusing only on DV and Yosemite or perhaps even going the other way and looking at maybe doing a loop of some of the Utah parks and/or the Grand Caynon.

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