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    hi all im off to LA in a few weeks then will be driving to vegas and was wondering if anybody can give me a few tips on anything that might be worth doing a slight detour for (e.g sights,tips,routes) or any general info would be of great help as im coming over from ENGLAND and havent driving in the states before i have already looked up the route I-15 and will have sat nav as well .... thanks for your help
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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A

    Are you going direct in one day or have you longer?

    A detour into the Mojave n.p would be possible or head further north on the 395 and cross Death valley.
    With a night or 2 to spare you could always head for the Grand canyon via I-40.

    Hope that helps a little!

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    thanks for the reply but im doing it one way in a day but want a few options on which way to go even if it will take a few extra hours as its not everyday i get to do something like this im open to a few routes so feel free to throw em at me cheers southwest dave

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    I like the options Dave gave, with both the Mojave Preserve and Death Valley being good options that will take you a couple hours out of your way.

    If you just want to stick to I-15, there are a number of good spots to get off the road for awhile. Barstow still has much of its route 66 charm, and Baker is an oasis with some oddball attractions like the world's largest thermometer. There are more ideas and suggestions for traveling between Vegas and Southern California in this thread.

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