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    Hello ;
    Myself and my FianceÚ are getting married in July 2009 and are planning to go on Honeymoon to America for approximately 3 - 4 weeks. Both us have never been to the US before. We have loads of ideas as to where to go, but we would welcome any suggestions/recommendations that anyone might have. We are both 30 and enjoy a mixture of activities/culture and relaxation so really any suggestions/recommendations as to where to go, places to visit, places to stay etc are all welcome. Thanks for your help.

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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    As you know the United states covers a huge area and has lots of great destinations.
    I think you need to let us in on a few of your thoughts for us to even begin making suggestions. You may have gathered by my name I am a huge fan of the Southwestern states, but I cannot compare to those I have yet to see.

    Are you thinking of driving across the country as a one way trip and see a little bit of a lot of things or staying in one area and seeing a lot more of it. Another option would be a 2 part holiday, maybe part on the East side and part in the West.

    Have a search of the forums, theres plenty of info and then pop back with some thoughts and we would love to help you piece it all together.
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