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  1. Default las vegas to san francisco january

    Hi to you all and what a fantastic forum.Hoping you can advise a first time road tripper.Starting in las vegas for 3 nights collecting rv on 2nd jan.
    Three weeks until 23rd jan.
    Whats the weather like then?
    Heading to Grand canyon then onto
    santa barbara
    big sur
    san francisco.
    Is this enough time?
    Have i missed out anything?or should i leave out anything?
    dont fancy LA at all.
    what sort of time frame for the above?
    all comments welcome,we are two first timers to nevada/california and want to see everything
    many thanks in advance

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Weather is, by definition, changeable and you are likely to see everything from freezing temperatures and the distinct possibility of snow at the Grand Canyon, to warm days and crisp nights at Las Vegas, through muggy wet days along the California coast. So pack for every eventuality. Three weeks is a comfortable amount of time to travel that area and leave a few days for bad weather. To get an idea of what other people have done with the same general trip have a read through these threads.


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    Hi,many thanks for your comments.We are just in the planning stages of our trip and you have been very helpful.Its just a case of sorting out our route now,we want the scenic route more than the fastest on the way to SF but maybe using a faster one to get back.This forum has already helped us so much.
    Thank you again

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    Default just done the trip

    Hi there just seen you post and question, I can't give you too much info on weather etc, but to advise on the trip itself

    I have jsut returned from 3 1/2 weeks in and around L Vegas, San Fran , L.A.

    to give you an idea

    we spent 3 days in vegas before driving towards San fran.
    We had a long drive via Death Valley, "awesome landscape v hot 118f, to the Sequioa Nat park. - I can provide details of a good b+b. We had two nights at Sequioa and went to see the park - fantastic.
    We left Sequioa around 10.30am, and arrived in San Fran, around 3.00pm, with a stop for lunch.
    we had 4 nights in S F, doing the toursit bit.

    From there we drove approx 3 hours, to Monterey, good drive , good roads.
    We had 2 nights in Monterey- if you are intersted go to the Aquarium , amzing sealife, and then had a really long haul, to L.A. Full days drive, mostly via highway 1, great sceneery, plenty of photo stops, road is twisting and turning average speed 30mph, if you are lucky. but you don't want to rush this part.

    Arrived in LA, for 4 days, went down to Palm Springs, approx 2 hours drive. Stayed at P Springs and visited the Joshua tree national park - amazing landscape.
    finally back from LA to L Vegas, probably 5 hours drive, along main highway.

    we did 2200 miles in total, but as you can see - it is doa ble, and we did have quite a bit of time, "out of the saddle"
    I beleive the drive from L V to grand canyon can be long - we took the helicopter flight.
    Big Sur , Santa Monica beach fantastic if you want to just chill out


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