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    Hello all,
    Trying to get any advice from fellow travalers on this route, we want to take the shortest time possible we arent really stopping at sights. we do have a dog so any advice on hotels that are pet freindly would be great. leaving on thrusday so please let the advice flow .. thanks!

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    Default Speed run on I-40

    Hello larktate-

    There aren't many options as to routing. I-40 starts at Barstow, CA and passes through Raleigh, NC, my hometown, around 35 miles from I-95, and Fayetteville is just about 30 miles down I-95 from that junction.

    In October 2007, I accompanied my son on a trip the other way, from Raleigh to Port Hueneme, CA. Here are a few random thoughts:

    The stretch from Williams, AZ to Kingman, AZ is the longest without services and fuel. Not to say there's nothing there, but fewer than the balance of the route.

    Western AZ is pretty mountainous.

    The travel plazas known as Loves are ubiquitous, have good coffee, fairly priced fuel, and suprisingly decent snack food. We alternated a Loves and a state rest area the whole way across.

    Traffic was surprisingly light on I-40. A few "knots" here and there, and I suppose the resurfacing of many miles of highway between Amarillo, TX and the NM line is still ongoing, and certainly you can run into local traffic in Albuquerque, Amarillo, OK City, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and any of the NC cities, but especially west of about Little Rock, it was very clear sailing.

    Traffic moves at a very fast pace on I-40. I would say 80 is average, and some vehicles run +90. Watch your mirrors carefully and assure you're clear to change lanes--a vehicle closing in on you at 90 when you're running 70 gets there very quickly.

    Most of the states have decent, even nice, rest areas, with plenty of room for you to move around with your dog.

    I haven't a clue as to pet-friendly motel stops.

    Make sure you car is up to snuff and check your tires carefully each time you stop (looking for bulges in the sidewalls, sidewall cuts, nails in the tread, etc.) Keep a good tire pressure gauge with you and check them each morning and at mid-day. A slow leak becomes a blowout all to quickly.

    Consider a "dawn patrol" start time, and quit early. That gets you off-cycle with fuel and food stops, and lets your vehicle have some early morning cooler miles and fewer hot late afternoon/early evening miles, each of which it should appreciate.

    Take your time. NC's been here for quite a while, and it's not going anywhere. The traffic congestion and condition of the roadway will generally get worse as you proceed east from about Little Rock, so figure on longer days early, and shorter ones late.

    Be careful and be safe, and welcome to North Carolina. Military move to Fayetteville?


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    Default direct

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The shortest way would be to take I-40 across to Memphis, cut down US-78 to Birmingham, and the take I-20 from there. Its about 2550 miles, so you'd be looking at 5 easy days, but you could push it up to 4 if you're comfortable doing some pretty long days on the road.

    This article has some good information about traveling with pets, and here are our recommendations for books (including hotel guides) about pet friendly travel.

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    thanks much for all the info thats quite helpful!
    im a little worried about weather thats being pushed in from the hurricane in florida, hopefully it doesnt bother us much.
    funny you moved your son to pt hueneme as we actually live in ventura about 15 min away from there.yes a military move for us :)

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    Default Seabee move to Port Hueneme


    Had I known of the military move element of your trip, I'd have thanked you for your service first and foremost. So, a belated, but no less sincere, Thank You for your service.

    My XC trip from Raleigh to Naval Base Ventura County was predicated on my son's return from deployment to Guam and his desire to have his pickup truck there on base for the remainder of his active duty hitch. Being 20 years old, 10' tall, bulletproof, and immortal (as must junior Navy Seabees envison themselves), his "plan" was to drive straight through, solo, sleeping in the cab at rest areas and truck stops. I was able to persuade him to take a bit longer, and take a co-driver (me) who would generously pay for all of the fuel, motels, and meals en route. It cost me a few bucks, but gave me an opportunity for my first fully XC trip (albeit having driven from NC to Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming a number of times), my first trip along I-40 west of Ft Smith, AR, my first trip to California, and best of all, a chance to spend lots of time with my son, who'd been gone for most of 15 months by the time he got home from Guam.

    While I don't doubt the route suggested from Memphis to B'ham, thence I-20 through Atlanta is shorter to a degree, I'd look closely at the difference in miles and then note you must go directly through Atlanta. To me, Atlanta traffic is the closest thing in the South to Southern California traffic, and therefore is worth avoiding. Also, it's been nearly 30 years since I worked in Mississippi, but unless there have been radical upgrades to the highway system, driving across MS and AL might not be exactly a day at the beach.

    Good luck on the trip, and thanks again for your service.


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