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    Hello, we are planning an 8 day round trip from Mendocino to Mt Hood. We are having a difficult time deciding on our route from Northern California to Mt Hood (We are returning via Hwy 5 through Mt Shasta). Any suggestions on preferred roads to cross over from the Oregon Coast to Mt Hood would be welcome. Right now we are considering heading over from Crescent City to Grant's Pass onto Hwy 5, but then we miss out on some beautiful Oregon Coastline. We prefer camping to lodging; not necessarily in campgrounds. We hope to spend a few days hiking around Mt Hood and the Gorge, therefore the temptation to cross to the 5 further south - but is the 101 coast route really that much slower????

    Thank you for any suggestions. In the Spirit of Adventure!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If you want to explore the Oregon Coast, then you might as well go all the way north until you cut back over towards Portland.This assumes you have enough time, and yes it is much slower. You'll likely average 30-40 mph max along the coast. Of course you could always just go as far north along the coast as time allows, and then cut back over to I-5 for a sprint the rest of the way north.

    If you do decide to cut over at Grants Pass, you could always fit at detour to Crater Lake into your trip to change things up a bit.

    I am a little curious about your question saying that you are interested in camping, but not in campgrounds. Where else do you propose to camp?

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    Thank you for your response, Midwest Michael. I love Crater Lake! Great suggestion; but we will save a return visit for another time. I have enjoyed camping on BLM lands off dirt roads; small pull-outs in Forest Service lands; areas near rivers where rafters/kayakers can put boats in; bluffs above beaches off-road; primitive camp-sites that aren't "campgrounds"; etc. For me, I love camping; but in larger popular campgrounds, RV generators and people who enjoy music blaring from the car radio can deter from the magic and spirit of the area.... best to find special and sometimes "secret" camping spots off the RV grid. 4wd is a great thing.

    One other idea is to drive to the 5 along the Rogue River...... but I hear that Newport is lovely....... The maps are spread out on the kitchen table - what to do what to do.....

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