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    Thanks for the great information on this board. We are walking through our itineary for a short trip up to Maine in October. We are starting in Manchester ME on Sunday and plan to head to Freeport for our first stop. Need to find an RV park in Freeport.

    From there we are heading to Bar Harbor, via Route 1, and will spend 3 nights to play around in Acadia.

    This is where we are looking for suggestions. We have the last day and one more night to finish off our trip. The RV has to be back in Manchester by Friday early afternoon. So, what to do on the Thursday, head back towards NH, head up into the state of ME for some leaf peeping. Any suggestions?

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    Clearly the route of choice between Augusta and Bar Harbor is along the coast, but if you want something different and enjoyable for the drive back, there is a good scenic alternative following a few river valleys on 'back' roads through some smaller Maine towns. First head up to Bangor on Alt-US-1, then take US-2 over to Newport and finally head south along the Sebasticook River on ME-11/US-201. That's only about 125 miles, so even at a very relaxed pace shouldn't take more than a few hours leaving time for some exploration of small towns and lakes along the way.


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    Thanks for the info. We saw the route 2 suggestion on another thread and will consider that on the trip back. Any other suggestions to stop at after we leave Acadia? Go further up into the state, stay along the coast so more?

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    One of the beauties of Maine is that, apart from places like Acadia and L.L. Bean's, there are no great magnets that attract a lot of visitors, but there are a lot of places with a natural quiet beauty where you can get away and hear yourself think. A couple of such places are just a bit farther afield than the route I suggested previously. By continuing north (east) on US-2 from Bangor, you'll come to the Sunkhaze National Wildlife Refuge. If you have a day or two to spend on this inland leg, continue north to Baxter State Park, otherwise continue back to Augusta via US-2/US-210 with a stop at Old Fort Western in Waterville.


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    When we went there, we were only planning a one day stopover,

    Three days later we were still in Bar Harbor.

    Oh well, the best-laid plans. Great place to visit. Also impressed with Camden.

    Take a boatride out to see the whales and puffins.

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