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    I'm going to pick up a car from ebay auction in Philadelpia tomorrow and drive back to Chicago by Sunday night or Monday morning. Any worth-to-quick-checkout spots ?

    I also love to sleep in car waiting for sunrise/sunset, any beautiful mnt., river, beach, town along the way ?

    thanks, in advance,

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    Default Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...

    ...and now it's today. I don't have any specific stops for you, but I do have a suggestion for an alternative to just using the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76/I-70) all the way to Ohio. For just a few miles more you can enjoy a scenic drive up the Susquehanna and Juniata rive valleys and through the forests of northern Pennsylvania. At Harrisburg, take US-22 north/west to Lewistown where you switch over to US-322. Around Clearfield that road will start to run parallel to I-80 for about 30 miles, so you can make the changeover when the spirit moves you. There are lots of state parks, forests and game lands along through here for overnight camping should you want to take advantage.


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    heh, I'm in Pittsburgh right now, I'll keep that for next time, THanks!

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