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    Default Carrying a Firearm in the car

    Hello everyone!

    I am an active duty Marine Sgt and I have been on a few road trips now. I usually like to hunt where ever I may be headed, in this case, back home to NY. Now, I've also ran into a few altercations on the road that may or may not have required me to defend myself. I am very well trained in all sorts of weaponry and most certainly understand that there are plenty of ways to defuse potentially hazardous situations. I tend to carry a 12 GA shotgun, unloaded and locked in the trunk, along with a loaded pistol near the driver's seat. I would like to know if anyone has an opinion or advice on this matter.

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    Default Do you have a carry permit?

    This subject comes up every so often -- I've driven close to a million miles in North America and never carried any sort of firearm. I do carry a stout closet pole, but I've never pulled it out (except for cleaning). Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. I was in a vehicle that was stopped by Federales near Ensenada one night and unbeknowst to me there was a loaded .38 under my seat. When that was found -- the situation nearly turned lethal. It was an "exciting" 45 minutes before everyone got calmed down.

    The best weapon is found between your ears -- I have been in some very dicey situations in some challenged neighborhoods around the USA and have found that one can appear to be more intimidating by implied response than by actually displaying a weapon. Just my view.

    The biggest problem is that various police agencies around the USA actively enforce carry permit laws and "not knowing" the local regulations never works well.

    I hope you are safe (relatively speaking) where you are and that you return home safely after your tour. Thanks for your service!


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    Default Thanks!


    Thanks for the advice. I personally don't prefer to keep illegal weapons because of the legality as you mentioned, but because of the nature of my job, it requires me to be used to have to look over my shoulder and expect the worst case scenario. I mostly like the ASP collapsible baton I have that is legal for me to carry in all states because it is non lethal and will do no serious harm when properly trained. Thanks for your compliments. I've noticed that most people in the military view it as just doing their job. I share their view, but still very much appreciate the acknowledgment, so Thank You for the support.


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    Default various laws

    I totally agree with Mark that common sense is a much better weapon than a gun on the road. As you mentioned, there are plenty of ways to defuse a situation that don't involve a gun, but too often, when a gun is easily available, people look past those other options.

    A bigger issue is with laws. Conceal and Carry laws are different in every state, and in a couple states, carrying a concealed weapon at any time is simply illegal. Because every state requires different permits and has different laws, its virtually impossible to travel across the country with a concealed weapon without breaking the law somewhere along the line.

    Thanks for your service, and I hope you get back in time for your favorite hunting season.

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    Default Good Point

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    carrying a concealed weapon at any time is simply illegal.
    I hope you get back in time for your favorite hunting season.
    I think that I would simply keep it locked and unloaded in the trunk (in a safe or vault of course). That would probably be easiest and safest.

    My favorite season is turkey, so I'll be home just in time for the start of it and my trip. Thanks!

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