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    I am traveling from NY to LA with my boyfriend on our first road trip. We are planning to gun it to Nashville, TN, where I have relatives, and to stay there for the night. Then get back on the road to Santa Fe (via I 40) and stay there for a night. Does anyone recommend any lodging or sights in Santa Fe? Is this too long of a journey from TN to NM in one shot? We then want to head to the Grand Canyon, and then north eventually to end up at San Francisco/Yosemite Park. Does anyone recommend where to stay both in San Francisco and on our journey to this destination? After this, we plan to ride the 5 down to LA. Does anyone recommend a route from Arizona to San Francisco? We are hoping to keep it on the lowest budget possible. We must be in LA by Sept. 1, and are planning to leave NY on the 25th. Any suggestions?

    THANKS! :)

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    I'm sorry, but you really aren't respecting reality in your plans. There's just no way that you can fit everything you have listed into the time you've given yourself.

    First of all, NYC to Nashville is nearly 900 miles. That kind of distance would require 16+ hours on the road, and really is far more than we'd recommend even for a one day sprint. There is simply no way you can travel that distance in one day, and safely be ready to travel again any significant distance on day two.

    Nashville to Santa Fe is simply impossible to do in one day. At 1200 miles, you'd be looking at 22 hours on a road!

    If you can't leave until the 25th and you have to be in LA on the 1st, you can make this trip, but you need to cut your pace way way down. If you travel at a more reasonable pace, you can travel from NYC to LA in that amount of time, and even fit in a detour for a short stop at the Grand Canyon, but the added detour to San Francisco and Yosemite just isn't reasonable.

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