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    Default Honeymoon Roadtrip, Scenic Routes in Arizona and California


    I'm in the middle of planning my honeymoon. My husband and I are planning a three week road trip. We know it will be a lot of driving but we will be taking turns. I was hoping people might look at our route below and maybe have some suggestions on what would be the most scenic route to take to each of our destinations. We have done the Trip Tik on the AAA site and that of course gives probably the most direct route, I just want to make sure we don't miss all the great scenery. Also if you have been to any of the places we are planning on staying, can you let us know if you would recommend them. If there are any suggestions of places you think can't be missed along the way, please let us know!! Thanks !!!! xxx Also was wondering what weather to expect in Yosemite middle of October, we're camping!

    30 September- Arrive in Phoenix, pick up car and head down to Tombstone, staying at the Shady Dell in Bisbee.
    1st October- Travel around Tombstone area and head into New Mexico briefly
    2nd October- Up to Holbrook as a rest stop heading to the Grand Canyon, staying at the Wigwam Motel.
    3rd October- Grand Canyon, camping
    4th Grand Canyon then driving to Las Vegas, aiming to get there in the evening
    5th October- Day and night in Las Vegas
    6th October- Drive through Death Valley, find a motel or camp
    7th October- Drive to Bodie, the ghost town, find a motel.
    8th-10th- Yosemite, staying in a cabin
    10th-13th San Francisco- staying in the Inn San Francisco
    13-15- Big Sur, Carmel, Monteray staying at Treebones Resort in a yurt!
    15th- arrive in LA at night and spend 3 nights there until the 18th, thinking of staying at Venice Beach Suites and Hotel
    18-21- Heading on a route back to Phoenix where we will catch a flight back to the UK on the 21st.

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    Default Congratulations and a Few Tips

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First, I don't think that you've laid out too much driving for a three week RoadTrip. You should still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery and each other's company throughout your honeymoon. My wife and I did a similar kind of roving honeymoon, albeit in Hawaii, and waking up with a new adventure in front of us each day was far more exciting than the thought of just another day by the pool. Some specifics:

    There's really not much near Tombstone in New Mexico. I think you'd be much better served by looking into the San Pedro Riparian Area outside Sierra Vista and Kartchner Caverns near Benson for activities in that area.

    For the drive up to Holbrook, give some thought to taking US-191/US-180 rather than I-10/I-17. It may take a bit longer but is a much more scenic and relaxing route.

    At the northern end of the Monterey Peninsula is the little town of Pacific Grove. You will be there at exactly the right time of year to witness its claim to fame. Also well worth the time in this general area are the docent-led walking tours of historic Monterey, 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, and the old Mission (still in use) in Carmel.


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    Default And congratulations from me!

    Hi there, what a wonderful part of the world for your honeymoon!

    I agree with Buck, plenty of time for a relaxed trip.

    wondering what weather to expect in Yosemite middle of October, we're camping!
    It's worth taking layered clothing as it's normally mild in the day time but can get chilly at night. We visited late October and it reached mid 60's in the day but dropped to around 40 at night [approx 4 c]. Although it doesn't feel as bad as here in the U.K as you don't get that damp, chilly feel in the same way.
    Be sure to take the drive up to Glacier point, the view is truly fantastic.
    I would also recommend a side trip to Alcatraz whilst in San Fran.
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    Hi Congrats on your wedding.
    I don't know what time of day you'll arrive Phx but keep in mind it app. takes 2hours from the blocks, through immigration, shuttle to the carrental center, pick up rental car and on the road driving on the "wrong" side, plus it takes some 4 hours to drive from Phx to Bisbee. I agree about not much at that side of NM so maybe see Tombstone and surroundings and maybe back to Tucson for the night. Next morning visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum at the western side of Tucson first (must see!) and drive directly to Grand Canyon NP from there. Actually I would try to find an extra day for the Tucson area and visit Saguaro NP, Mission San Xavier del Bac and other places.The drive from Bisbee via 191 is very scenic but also mountainous and slow and also the drive from Tucson to Holbrook via Salt River Canyon is slow at places. WigWam motel is an icon of course but also close to the trains, so if you are a light sleeper....Maybe check the La Posado Hotel in Winslow. I won't deter you from staying at the Wigwam, just give you options. It's 5 hours from GCNP south rim to Las Vegas. You could drive R66 from Seligman (have an icecream or a burger at Delgadillo's snow cap) and stop in Hackberry at its visitor center and R66 museum. Bodie makes a great visit and Lee Vining is closest for accomodation, but count on a 3 hours sidetrip to Bodie from Lee Vining. Have dinner at Whoa Nellie Deli at the fuelpump.And don't miss places in DVNP. On this trip I would depart Las Vegas, visit DVNP and drive to Lone Pine for the night. Then next day up 395 to Lee Vining, Bodie and the night in Lee Vining. Next morning with the sun behind you the awesome drive on Tioga Pass to Yosemite NP. On your way back from LA to Phx maybe stop in Palm Springs and visit Joshua Tree NP, great visit that time of year.
    If you want to do some shopping before going home, try Premium Desert Hills outlet center in Cabazon just before Palm Springs. Couldn't drag DW out of there and even to me it wasn't too bad-lol-
    Happy planning!

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