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    Hi! Next summer we plan on making a roadtrip with a group of 5-6 Belgians from New York to Miami. We've done some research and (obviously) camping seems the cheapest way to travel...We have some questions however, that we hope experienced campers can give answers to. Here we go...

    1. At most campings, there is a fixed price for the campground, let's say $20, and an additional price per extra person, for example $4. As we are a group of 5 or 6 persons, we will be using 2 or 3 small tents. Is it generally allowed to have multiple tents per site? Will we have to pay extra or in the worst case reserve 2 sites?

    2. When we went through some of the opening hours, we learned that 6-8 pm is the most common closing time. That's quite early if you're on a roadtrip and want to drive a lot during the day. Is it possible to arrive later when a) we made reservations in advance b) we didn't make reservations ? I'm not talking about availability of the campgrounds, just want to know if checking in around 10 pm is possible, since it's difficult to exactly pinpoint our arrival time...

    Thank a lot!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Generally, the things you are talking about are policies that are specific to a campground. Each place can have different rules about these sorts of things, so you may just have to look a little bit more to find places that better fit your needs.

    Having said that, in regards to your specific questions, I don't see "extra person" fees too often when I'm camping. Generally there is a limit of 2 tents and two cars per site, however, there are times where it can be tough to fit two adult sized tents onto one site, and you may want to spring for a 2nd site just to have more room.

    I'm not sure I've ever encountered a 6-8 pm deadline to check in. 9-10pm is more common, and its usually tied to quiet hours - where they don't want people making noise and potentially disturbing others while setting up their site late at night. I'll also say that just setting up camp in the dark is kind of a pain - its not impossible by any means, but there are some additional challenges.

    I'll also throw in that I do the vast majority of my camping at state park (or similar) campgrounds. I'd say that private campgrounds are more likely to have the kinds of restrictions and policies that you have found, but again, every place is a little different and sets their own policies.

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    Allright thanks, really helpfull!!!

    - The additional fees where mainly for KOA Campgrounds, it's good to hear it's not being used everywhere...

    - We thought the campground closing hours would match the so called "office hours". But like you said it would make more sense if it was indeed the same as the quiet hours...

    - State parks definitively sound more attractive.

    Other comments still welcome!

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    Default self registration

    KOA's are kind of like the McDonalds of the camping world. If you want to be assured of having certain amenties and you want your campsite to be roughly the same every night, then they are a good fit. They also tend to be a little more expensive than public sites.

    Another thing which you'll occationally find, usually at the lesser used public sites, is self-registration. In those cases when the office is closed, you get an envelope where you fill out your information, put in your money, and then drop it into a lockbox. Its not a universal thing, but it is something that you'll run into from time to time.

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    Default Midsummer evenings, Florida summer heat

    Hello rvdp,

    As in northern Europe, the time of sunset, dusk, and dark along the east coast of the US gets quite late by late June and for a month before and after the solstice. Here in central North Carolina, the sunset time at 21 June is around 8:50 pm and the sun rises by around 5:40 am. The point being it could be difficult to "sleep in late" at most campgrounds as the sun comes up early, campers in general are early risers (and early movers), and it will start getting uncomfortably hot by 9am in most places. So, it's likely your group will be on the move early and will then be able to stop earlier than you might think and still get a long day's travel accomplished.

    Speaking of hot weather, Florida in summer can be brutal. Be aware and be prepared. You'll want to plan on late evening swims in the campground pool or swimming lake, cool showers before bedtime, or both. Don't get me wrong, as I love Florida, but summertime down there is not high on my list of experiences to repeat.

    Enjoy the planning and the trip!


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