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    I was hoping to get some advice on a quickie roadtrip October 10-14 (5 days).

    We're on our way to visit a friend near Detroit then we're off to see Chicago and Milwaukee.

    We have about eight hours to see Chicago and four hours in Milwaukee.

    Any suggestions?



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    That's a lot of country to cover roundtrip in 5 days. I'd suggest just staying on the interstates.

    But, if you do get some time, check out the US-12 towns of Michigan, the original Chicago-Detroit road.

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    With just a few hours in each city, you'll have to pick and choose carefully the one or possibly two things that you can see. in the case of both cities, I'd recommend venues along the Lake Michigan shore. In Chicago, I'd look at the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum, both along Lake Shore Drive. And in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Art Museum, also on the Lake and where the building is as much the attraction as the contents. In both cities, there are parks near the venues I've mentioned with lakeshore trails and swimming available.


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