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  1. Default California/Oregon trip Sept/Oct 2008

    We are an Australian couple planning a road trip through California. We are going to rent a car in San Francisco and drive through the following areas:

    Napa Valley/Sonoma Valley
    Lake Tahoe
    Yosemite NP
    Tioga Pass
    Sequoia NP and Kings Canyon
    Cross from Bakersfield to the west coast and up Hwy 1 to Eugene Oregon.

    We have a little over 2 weeks to do it in starting from 19 September 2008.

    Any suggestions on possible routes and places of interest along the way would be really helpful.

    Many thanks

    Sharon and David

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    Default A Few More Miles

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is so much to see and do on the west coast of the U.S. and you've certainly picked out some of the best. Still I'm going to suggest that you add a few more. Firstly, I'd see Napa Valley as a day trip from San Francisco, then I'd start the RoadTrip portion of this holiday by heading south along the Big Sur coast on CA-1 through Monterey, San Simeon and on to Morro Bay before turning inland to see Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Then it would be up to Yosemite and over Tioga Pass to Mono Lake and US-395 up to Lake Tahoe. continue north on US-395 to Susanville and take CA-44 and CA-299 to the coast in time to hit some of the giant redwood parks in northern California before finishing your trip north on US-101 to Florence and using OR-126 inland to Eugene. With that you'll be seeing some of the best of the west and probably shouldn't try to squeeze too much more in.


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    Thanks for the great advise AZBuck.
    We are looking forward to enjoying our trip, and are trying to work out how long we can spend at each location. If you have the time could you please tell us approximately how long each leg of this trip would take to drive.
    Thanks again.
    David and Sharon

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    Default Think in Terms of Hundreds of Miles per Day

    There are really so many variables, including your final itinerary and you driving style and objectives on any given day, that it's hard to say. But consider these rules of thumb. A flat-out drive down the Interstates will let you cover 550, maybe 600 miles in a day but leave no real time for stops other than those required by your vehicle and your body. A more leisurely drive, with some major non-Interstate highways and the occasional hour long break at an interesting site will still let you cover 400 miles in a day relatively easily. If you only need to cover 300 miles in a day, you'll have some serious time for sightseeing. Less than that and the day really isn't as much about driving as it is about relaxing and taking a 'short' drive somewhere. So with those kinds of measures in the back of your mind, you can use on-line mapping software such as Google Maps, Mapquest and the like to get the mileage between points. Just don't take their estimated driving times seriously.


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    Thanks once again AZBuck.
    Your advise will be a really handy way to help us plan out our trip.
    See you on the highway.
    David and Sharon.

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