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  1. Default help! december roadtrip from san francisco, california to cincinnati, ohio

    So, I'm taking a roadtrip from san francisco to cincinnati in december, but there's one issue. I've never driven in snow! Any tips or best routes to take to avoid any serious snow related disasters?
    Any help is SERIOUSLY appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    In december, there really is no cross country route that is immune to winter weather. Trying to go south often is even worse that staying north, because it can be prime season for ice storms along I-40 and I-10.

    Your most direct route would basically involve taking I-80 across to Illinois, and then cut south on I-74. That's probably going to be your best route, although you can certainly watch the weather forecast in the days before you leave and adjust your route if there is a particularly bad storm expected. The Interstates will generally be plowed faster and kept in better condition than other routes.

    Otherwise the best thing you can do is be prepared for dealing with winter conditions and slow down or stop if you encounter weather that you aren't comfortable driving through.

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