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    Default The mother of all road trips

    Hey everyone, first time here and was wondering if someone would be able to help me out on this one.

    I'm graduating from university next year (in Scotland) and me and a couple friends are thinking about flying over to north america and taking in the sights before we have to grow up and get real jobs.

    This is what we're planning:

    1) Fly to toronto and buy a beat up car

    2) Drive down the east coast (Boston, New York, DC, Miami etc)

    3) Then head west to texas and maybe go down to mexico for a bit

    4) Up to Vegas then make our way up the west coast to Vancouver

    5) Amble back to Toronto with no real fixed route

    Anyway that's what the plan is anyway, what i'm really wondering is how much motels etc cost (key thing to remember is cheap!) and if it's doable to buy a car that runs for cheap aswell. Time isn't really a factor in it and things can be changed if need be, so far it's just a rough plan.

    Any thoughts people have would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default challenges

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'd say the car would be your biggest challenge. When you say "cheap" that would concern me, depending upon what your definition of that would is. I'd say you'll need at least US$5000 to buy a car, register, and insure a car that would be up for a task like this. Plus you'd want some additional funds to cover any repairs or other problems you may encounter on the road. The topic comes up fairly frequently, and the red tape of insurance and taxes generally ends up being the hard part. Since you plan to start in Canada, that may change things a bit, but I couldn't say if that would make it easier or even more difficult.

    Motels on the low end will usually cost about $50 for an average. You may find some less, but some areas where you'll have to pay a little more.

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