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    Default Wild West Getaway--Portland to Badlands NP

    Just found this website---some great information to be found.

    I just cancelled an overseas trip and decided to stay Stateside and take a roadtrip instead. I have seen much of the US, but have not been to the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, or the now-famous Sturgis. I'm also impressed by the efforts being made with regard to the Sitting Bull monument still in progress.

    Would also like to see some family in Bozeman, MT and drop down to Yellowstone.

    I have 9/12-9/23 (12 days)---can fly and rent a car. Any itinerary ideas?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default sounds pretty full already

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If you're starting from portland oregon, I'm not sure you'd gain much by trying to make this a fly and drive trip. With limited air service to montana and south dakota, it would likely be very expensive, and you might not even save that much time.

    Having said that, I think you've already got more than enough to fill out 2 weeks. You might be able to add in some more northern stops like Glacier or Teddy Roosevelt National Parks and make this a loop, but between the visits with your family, yellowstone, and stops the black hills and badlands, I don't think you'll have time to add too much else.

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    Default A little info

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    I am not familiar with the area, but I am sure there will be someone along who is.
    For now here is a good article on South Dakota that may have some useful info for you and you should find plenty more by way of the search button in the green bar above.

    Here's the N.P.S site for Yellowstone that has good visitor info.

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