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    Hi All
    I am new to RTA....I found it by searching for suggestions on a somewhat unplanned trip from Las Vegas to Boston at the end of August (date tbd).

    My 22 year-old daughter has decided she wants to move back to Boston after a year in Las Vegas, so I'll be flying from the bay area in CA to meet up with her, then driving her and all her stuff back to Boston.

    I'm looking for a route that will be fun for both of us, yet not too time consuming (maybe 4-5 days?) and safe ("her" car is a 2001 Rav 4 which I think/hope is pretty reliable, but I don't want to push it too hard, either).

    When we first moved from Boston to CA in 1996 (she was 10 years old), we arrived via Route 66 which was fun, but not something I necessarily want to do again this time around with her.

    Any suggestions for a route that might take us past some cool/fun places to stop along the way (for point of reference, she would think the world's largest ball of twine, made famous by Weird Al, would be an awesome side trip :)

    Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

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    Default Five Days Minimum

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since it's over 2700 miles from Las Vegas to Boston by the shortest route, you'll need to both budget at least 5 days for the trip and stay pretty much on the straight and narrow. Fortunately that route has a lot to offer. You'd take I-15 north and then I-70 across the Rockies to Denver. A short jog on I-76 puts you on I-80 which follows the old Oregon Trail down the Platte River, then across Iowa and Illinois to Chicago. From there I-90 takes you all the way to Boston. While not in the "World's largest ball of string" category, there are plenty of worthwhile stops along the way.


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    1. Hi mom.

    2. I wonder if it would be a pain to go through Salt Lake City in order to get to I-80... our alternative is to take 93 to 6 and meet up w/80 at the Utah/NV border. From experience I can say that Nevada desert goes by quickly, if it's not particularly interesting.

    If we really wanted to circumvent the city we could take 189 to 40 to 80, but I don't think that'd be any easier (and it looks windy, and I have been instructed to avoid windy routes ;)

    3. The Mecca of Albino Squirrels is between St. Louis and Terra Haute.

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    Default Slc

    I am a regular wintertime visitor to the Salt Lake City (SLC) and Park City area. While the Salt Lake basin is a large and heavily populated area, I rate the expressway system and general level of traffic as A-OK under the circumstances, and I'm a guy who HATES traffic congestion. That said, I'd probably want to plan my pass-through at other than morning or afternoon rush times just for general purposes. I-215 is a full beltway around the city and the 'burbs, and I-80 to the east up and out of the basin is 3 lanes all the way up to the pass at Parley's Summit.

    If you're coming from I-15 south from LV or from I-80 across NV, you can get on the I-215 beltway's western side and link to I-15 north towards Ogden, thence I-84 east out of the basin for a short distance where it joins I-80 east, thence on into Wyoming. Doing so is around the same distance as punching through SLC and up I-80 past Park City, as I-80 does a big loop avoiding the western end of the Unita Range and meets I-84 around 20 miles east of Ogden.


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