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    I am a first time I wasn't real sure where to put this. I am really excited though because this site looks like a great place to learn new things about traveling.

    Well, here goes...

    My husbands birthday is coming up next month. We live in Southern/Central California and only have a few days but I would like to take him somewhere different. He has gone pretty much all over the United States so it is hard to impress him. We have already been to Las Vegas too many times, he doesn't really care for San Francisco (no offense). There is always San Diego, but been there/done that also.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?


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    Default National Parks

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You listed off a bunch of cities, but you didn't list any of the natural wonders that are easily within your reach for a short trip. You'd have any of the national parks in California like Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley, or Joshua Tree, just to name a few.

    Utah's amazing landscapes would also come to mind. Some sort of loop through Zion, Bryce, maybe Arches, Monument Valley, or even the Grand Canyon.

    If cities are more your thing, then I guess Phoenix would be the one that would stand out that you haven't listed. Although a trip to Albuquque and Santa Fe could be within reach if you're willing to go a bit farther out.

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the welcome. Here is some more background...

    We actually live in Ventura County (some consider this Central California). Sorry to say, his birthday is early September and I started planning this way too late - so the funds aren't quite there for a big trip or the time that he can take off of work (didn't have time to ask his boss for the time off).

    We took the Utah, Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon trip two years ago (and it was WONDERFUL) and I'm afraid the Phoenix/New Mexico trip might be too far for the few days we have.

    We aren't too much into the camping thing, but not necessarily needing the 5 star hotel either.

    We like to take adventures, but I guess I am looking for somewhere maybe within 5-6 hour drive away. Any other suggestions?

    PS...I will definitely keep these suggestions for our next adventure!

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    Default that still leaves

    Well, the national parks in California that are listed are still easily within your reach.

    If none of those places are of interest and you want something a little more off the beaten path, then the Sequoia National Monument would be another option. There are some nice places to stay in the Lake Isabella/Kernville area that would probably work well within your timeframe.

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    Thank you for those suggestions...I will definitely look into it.

    Anyone else have any suggestions? This might just be a "spur of the moment" get in the car and go type of trip :)


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    Default Probably not new ....

    .........but some places are well worth repeat visits. The location is well within your drive time.

    For a start a room with a view and a nice place to stay to celebrate a birthday – Tickle Pink Inn, Carmel.

    And Carmel and Monterey offer many things to do for a day or two.


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