Hi AZbuck and all,

I really enjoyed your great suggestions to a user who was going on a roadtrip from New York to Boston in the summer. I'm going with a friend in mid-October from NYC to Boston for the fall foilage and would love to see the coastline as much as possible. Would you suggest the same type of route in fall (we love a refresher) and also can you suggest another route to take back to NYC from Boston, so we see another different area. Also, what is the best, less crazy direction/road to take out of the city from JFK airport, as we will be leaving and coming back to there. Unless you suggest we leave from the city somewhere? I'd so appreciate your valued suggestions.

Also, on the way we were going to stop for one night before Boston but are on the fence since it'd be nice to just stay in one city after being in NYC for four days. Is this neccessary, or should we just plan on a good long day trip? If we do stop, where would you suggest we stay over for the night? We also originally wanted to go to Cape Cod, but I've heard that the northern coast of Mass and Salem is just as nice and not so out of the way. Would you suggest Salem and the northern coast at a seperate day trip or can we do it on the way into to Boston? We have five days total from Oct. 14 to the afternoon of the 19th.

Lots of questions, so I very much appreciate yours and anyone else's suggestions! I'm an avid traveler but this is the first time to the New England states. Any suggestions about Boston and must-see dos and eats, drinks would be appreciated too!

Thanks so much :)