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    Default Long Island--->Tucson, AZ

    Hi Everyone,

    I am attemping to plan a State Park camping trip in the beginning of November for about 2 weeks. It will take me from Long Island, NY to Tucson, AZ where I will be living. So my car will be packed to capacity.

    I know I want to take a southern route to avoid cold weather but its very overwhelming to find the best places to camp. State parks are affordable but there are so many. Any suggestions on where to stay along with what routes are the best? I don't mind straying from the interstates but nothing too crazy.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I don't really have any specific recommendations, but I can tell you the approach I take when planning my camping trips.

    I start by simply pulling out a good paper atlas and look at my route, and then start looking for the green triangle that indicates state parks with camping. Ususally, simply using that very basic method I can find a state park or two that will be in the rough area where I want to sleep and will be within 30 miles or so of the interstate. The nice thing is that usually State Parks that are within that range will also be listed as a brown sign on the interstate.

    If I know a specific area where I know I'm going to be and/or I can't find anything in a specific area, I will also do a little background research by simply searching "county name" county park. Often times, I've found more good, low cost, camping options this way.

    I will also recommend that you make sure you have solid 3 or 4-season gear for your trip. Even in the south, it can get quite chilly overnight in November. Personally, trying to camping in the cold without the right sleeping bag makes for a very uncomfortable night. A good Zero-Degree bag, and a sleeping mat would eliminate that problem.

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    Cool, thanks for the info. I was going crazy trying to narrow things down :)

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