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  1. Default 2 weeks in New England - any tips on this itinerary?!

    Hi all,

    Having got some fantastic tips from RTA last year on a San Francisco - Vegas road trip, I am hoping for a similar helping hand on a trip to New England. My brother and I are planning to arrive in Boston in mid-October for a two week trip. We have looked at all the New England threads on this forum and based on those have sketched out the following rough itinerary looping around Boston - but we don't know if the timescales are realistic (too short? too long?) or if there are better things we could be doing with our time. All advice very gratefully accepted!

    Day 1 - arrive Boston late afternoon
    Day 2 - Boston - Cape Ann - Portsmouth
    Day 3 - Portsmouth (museums etc) - Portland, ME
    Day 4 - Portland - Bar Harbor (hopefully in time to see some of Acadia National Park)
    Day 5 - Bar Harbor - Lincoln, NH
    Day 6 - stay around the Lincoln area - moose tour in Berlin? Patte Brook Auto Tour?
    Day 7 - Lost River Gorge in the morning then off to Stowe, VT/Ben & Jerry's
    Day 8 - Stowe to Mystic, CT (arrive in Mystic that evening)
    Day 9 - Mystic all day, then to Newport RI
    Day 10 - Newport RI all day (cliff walk/mansions) then to Boston

    Then we have the remaining 4 days in Boston - of which I would love to spend one on a day trip to either Nantucket or Cape Cod (or is it worth two day trips, one to each?)

    Any advice on the above would be really helpful! We have no specific plans but really just want to see a bit of the country with a nice mix of coast and foliage, so happy to change any of the above.

    Thanks a million!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJLupin View Post
    Then we have the remaining 4 days in Boston - of which I would love to spend one on a day trip to either Nantucket or Cape Cod (or is it worth two day trips, one to each?)
    You'll have most of the Cape to yourself, since you will be going in the off season. I haven't been to Nantucket as of yet, so I can't vouch for it, but I would think that you would want to spend the day there, instead of splitting a day up between it and Cape Cod. Besides, with a full day on Cape Cod, you can drive the length of the land and really get a feel for what this area of the state is all about.

    You'll find that the distances in New England are relatively short, though at times traffic can be heavier than elsewhere in the country. On Day 2 - do you have plans to check out Salem and/or Gloucester, or are you just planning on driving through?

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    We were planning on just driving through (maybe stopping for lunch in one of them depending on what time we get there) but happy to stop and check them out if that is worth doing?

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