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  1. Default Vegas to SF via LA OR SF to LA via Vegas

    There's three of us all just finished university wanting to travel to America in September.

    The two options are
    A: Vegas -> Grand Canyon (maybe a day trip from Vegas) -> LA -> San Francisco
    B: San Francisco -> Yosemite -> Grand Canyon -> Vegas -> LA

    We want to spend a few days in Vegas anf SF, and for me the Canyon is a must. For one of the other guys LA is a must, so these all have to be included.

    Route A means we drive up the coast from LA to SF, but don't get a chance to do Yosemite

    Route B means we can get Yosemite done but will take a bit longer and probably mean sacrificing time elsewhere. It also may be less nice a drive.

    I have little idea of what we might want to see on our trip or how long things will take so any advice would be welcomed.

    Similarly any advice on the Canyon would be great - I really have no idea.

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    Default Time scale?

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    A very popular area to cover and quite rightly to, it's amazing.
    What sort of time scale do you have to cover this road trip, if you have enough time it would be possible to do a loop and enjoy all the places you have listed.

    The south rim of the Grand canyon is the most visited and has more facilities e.t.c and the North rim is quieter. The n.p.s site is usefull for info as it is for Yosemite, a truly awesome place.

    This helpful link covers much of the area and you will find much more info by searching the forums.

    Have a look through and tell us what time you have and we can help you piece it together.

  3. Default

    Thanks for the pointers.

    We have 15 nights in total, but do want to spend some serious time in vegas.

    The options have changed slightly. Its now:

    A: Vegas -> Grand Canyon -> LA -> SF
    B: Vegas -> Grand Canyon -> Yosemite -> SF -> LA (with possibly death valley?)

    My ideal route would be B but ending at San Francisco, but we have to book our flights now. If we book flights for option A (into Vegas, back from SF) then I might be able to persuade my friend to do the route I want to. Whereas if we book B it guarantees I get to see the places I want to though also guarantees we end up in LA and might be more pressed for time.

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    Default Not much difference

    I don't really see much significant time difference between A or B and you can certainly add Death Valley to either of them. Death Valley can be on the way to both Yosemite and LA from Las Vegas and is only about two hours west of the strip.


  5. Default Would I be silly if we took a bus SF to LA rather than driving the pacific highway?

    Basically as it says in the title. We were planning on driving down the pacific highway stopping somewhere for one night. However, car rental is looking a little more expensive than we had originally thought, particularly because of the extra $30 per day (!) that all companies charge for an under 24 driver. Therefore we thought we could economise on this leg of the trip by taking a bus/coach service.

    Would we be really missing out on something great? Alternatively are there any buses that go down the pacific highway route? I know its not the same but seems a compromise. Or even better anyone know how I might be able to get a better deal on car rental...

    Thanks in advance
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    Default the price you pay

    The pacific coast highway is famous for a reason, its one of the most stunning drives in north america. Is that worth the extra cost involved in renting a car for the trip, only you can decide. There is no scheduled bus service along the coastal highway.

    It might be possible that you could find a siteseeing tour/charter that would follow the coast route, however I'm not aware of any off hand. You would have to do a fair amount of searching, or consult with a travel agent to find out if something like that might be available.

  7. Default SF to LA Pacific Coast Highway - only one night stop - where?

    I know it probably doesn't do the pacific coast highway justice doing it in 2 days, but if we were going to do it, where would be the place to stop for the night. We are also on a tight budget for this part of the trip, so budget sleeping suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
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    Default 1/2 way

    I think I would shoot for the Morro Bay area. Its roughly halfway, it should have a number of lodging options, both in town and in nearby areas a little farther from the coast like Paso Robles. It would also put you in good potition to visit a place like Hearst Castle if you don't have enough time on your first day.

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