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    Hello! We are moving from Central Illinois to the Portland area. We are leaving in about a week. I have not been out of the state of Illinois so this whole thing is going to be all new to me :) ! We are going to go up to Rock Island Illinois and take I-80 to I-84.. What is it like to drive that way? Are we going to be up and down mountains? How is the weather this time of year? Approximately how long of a trip are we looking at? Any input would be great! Thank you!

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    First of all, as long as you stay on the Interstates, you will never see a grade steeper than 6% or a curve that will require you to slow down. Those are the specifications they're built to. So while you will have to drive through mountains, I would hardly call it 'mountainous driving'. At approximately 2000 miles, you're looking at needing 4 days to make the drive comfortably, leaving time for relaxed meals and an occasional stop along the way. If you want to spend significant time anywhere, you'll have to add that to your travel time. Of course, through Illinois and Iowa you'll be traversing mostly rolling hills and farm country, and in Nebraska you'll be following the Platte River and the old Oregon Trail. Then it's across the Rockies and the Great Basin in Wyoming before crossing the Wasatch mountains into Utah and the Great Salt Lake Basin. Finally you track the Snake River through southern Idaho, across the eastern desert in Oregon and finally down the Columbia River to Portland. All in all a great cross country drive. Weather can't be predicted this far ahead of your trip, so just start checking in daily with the Weather Channel or the NOAA/NWS web pages starting about 5 days before departure.


  3. Default moving from central illinois to oregon

    Thank You Azbuck for the reply! It is going to be a new adventure for me since I have never seen any of those states. Neither have my children..My husband has been out that way! :) On the weather question I was just wondering if at this time of year could we get stuck dealing with snow? I hope not..I don't want to have to rush by any means..But I have to start back to work on Monday so knowing that it could take 4 days we may have to leave a little sooner.. I don't think we will be doing alot of sight seeing along the way except seeing what we can from the car. I am sure we will stop to stretch and refuel! We are having to take 2 vehicles and my husband will be towing a uhaul trailer.. When we stop along this route to sleep at night are there any places that we should be concerned about? Everything will be locked up of course? I want to get there with no problems! We thought about driving 12 hours a day and then stopping and staying in a motel for the night.. Would that work and be able to get there in 3 days? Also this is a great site! I am glad I found it..

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