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  1. Default Advice on roadtripping through america please

    Hi, im new to this forum and thought it would be a massive help if you could give some advice on travelling through america.

    Firstly i live in the UK and decided i want to fly to new york and end up in LA.

    1- How long do you think it would take to travel from NY to LA
    2- How much would it roughly cost (motels/car rental/tax/insurance/food etc)
    3- We are hoping to drive down from NY to florida/tampa, across to texas then up to LA. Which routes would be best to use

    As you can see i havnt done much research but i would love to do it this time next year.

    Any advice you give would be very appreciated!

    Thank you

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    I'm not much use but i'm planning a road trip from La to Florida New York
    same as yours really but in reverse

    I think it will take 60 days, and cost around £2500 each for 2 people sharing a hired car

    Fuel will roughly cost £800 and car hire one way around £1600

    Thats my estimates.. probably wrong but yeah

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To make the drive as you've outlined it would take a minimum of about 9-10 days to do comfortably. On top of that you'd have to add any time you want to spend in New York, Florida, California and points in between. Costs will, of course, depend on how long you'll be traveling and your style of travel. My own rule of thumb for covering food and lodging is $100/day for a single and $150/day for a couple. On top of that you'd have to add in the cost of the airfare, car hire, and petrol. Again, my rule of thumb for a car hire is about $200/week, then add in any one-way drop off charge ($300-500). If you're under 25, car rental in the U.S. can get quite expensive with surcharges of $25/day the norm. Gas would run you another $800 as a very rough guess. As you'll see repeated around here often, there is no single 'best' route between any two points and you certainly have a number of options available to you. Rather than even suggest any, I'd recommend that you just go on-line and use programs like MapQuest and Google Maps to plot the most 'efficient' routes and then see what other roads are going in the same general direction and might take you closer to places that appeal to you.


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