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    Default Los Angeles to East Coast Spring Road Trip

    I want to rent a car, go across the country, drop off the car and take a plane back. I'm going in May '09 and I can take 2 weeks from start to finish. I'm open to any route, north or south. I'll stay in motels along the way.

    I can end up anywhere along the east coast where there's an airport to drop off the car and head home.

    Any suggestions on an itinerary?

    Hollywood Howie

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    One thing to take note of - one-way car rentals usually incur hefty fees for the convenience of not returning the car to the original lending location. This also means that you will have to rent from one of the larger national chains, so keep in mind if there is a large regional renter, that's out of the question.

    Now, as far as itinerary, we don't know enough about you to help you out. What kind of things are you interested in - nature, city life, industry? What is your budget? Is this a solo trip?

    Any extra info along those lines would be enough to help us get you started.

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    Marcus Guest


    I can recommend Charleston, South Carolina. It's a really wonderful city and it has an airport. You can also make it up to Atlanta, Georgia. I think that airport is bigger.

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    Default Cool looking avatar

    sorry for the digression, but I love that photo of the 'vette used in your avatar. Very cool.


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