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  1. Default SanFransisco - Down the West Coast & To Vegas To Get Married!

    Hi guys, joined this great forum to get some advice on a road trip I'm planning with my fiance this November. We are flying into San Fransico on the 2nd November arriving 3rd, we then have until the following Saturday to meander our way to Vegas where we get married in THE Hotel Mandalay Bay on the 9th!

    We were thinking of making our way down the west coast, Monterey - Big Sur - Paso Robles, maybe even as far as santa barbara, then start to head across to Vegas, via the Mohave National Park.

    As with everyong else who comes to this fine site for advice, I suppose we are looking for any hints, tips, best roads, motels/hotels etc and the best things to see and do.

    My fiance and I are in our early 30's and whilst our 'wild' partying days are behind us, we still want to see some great scenery/ sights and enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings with some good food and good company!

    many thanks in advance guys!!


    Andy (and Amy!)

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    Default Congratulations

    Welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Congratulations on your forth coming wedding!

    This is one of the most discussed areas on the forums and you will find plenty of information available by using the search button.

    In this thread you should find plenty of useful info to get you started. And an excellent post on the beaches in the area.

    San Fran and Vegas, although very different, offer so much, for scenery you have the Pacific coast highway, and inland Yosemite and Death valley, again very different but awesome scenery.

    There is so much to see and do, so collect a couple of ideas together and we can help you piece them together.
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    You'll love THE hotel in Las Vegas.
    We stay'd there on our Honeymoon too.

    If you want to hit any Las Vegas shows make your reservations well in advance.
    Especially in November.

    The Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper has an online edition that lists the shows that will be in town when you are, and connections to make the reservation.

    Restaurant reservations are a must too. Even the chains like PF Changs and Bahama Breeze (that have teriffic food at excellent prices) you need to book in advance.

    Having a wine theme is a great planning start. Plenty of fine places along the routes you mention.
    Consider Santa Ynez wine country in the Santa Barbara area.

    Perhaps Google the hotels in the area & you might fine some that are charming to you and fit your budget.
    Every vinyard and every restaurant & hotel has a story in Santa Ynez.

    Worth scratching the surface to find it.
    Congrats and have a fun trip.

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    thats great, many thanks my friend!, I'll have a good old read and then come back with any specifics I have,


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    Default A couple of ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Gernster View Post
    We were thinking of making our way down the west coast, Monterey - Big Sur - Paso Robles, maybe even as far as santa barbara, then start to head across to Vegas,
    Congratulations on the pending wedding -- the first bit of advice I would offer is to drive less and relax more -- having said that -- you should be aware that the condition of the Big Sur road in November is open to flux this year. Much of the mountains surrounding the Big Sur were burned earlier this year and there is significant concern about whether the highway department will be able to keep the road open continously in the fall and winter months due to landslides.

    If the roads are open, it is hard to beat the Big Sur Lodge for ambience and beauty.

    There is a really excellent guide book that I reviewed earlier this year, that I think you might enjoy -- The Wine Tasting Guide to California's Central Coast. And if the road down the coast is iffy, you could spend a couple of days discovering these little known and even less visited wineries. On the other hand, if the road is open, the very best time to drive the Big Sur is in October and November so your timing could be perfect.

    One of my favorite and romantic sunset locations is a picnic atop the Kelso Dunes in Mojave National Preserve.

    Happy Planning!


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    thanks for the advice!, we are going to do our relaxing after we get hitched, as we are flying over to honolulu, for a week, staying in the moana surfrider!

    So whilst we dont want it to be too hectic, we are happy to try and see as much as we can in the 6 or so days we have.

    Some great links there, I've got plenty to read this weekend!

    P.S, can anyone reccomend the best road atlas to buy for this area?

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