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    Hi everyone;

    We plan to hit I-5 from south CA and get to Oregon.

    Can someone please recommend good exits from freeway 5, still in CA. nice camping ( no dessert, no heat).

    We have 2 dogs, plenty of time, we can take longer detour to spend 2-3 days in the place which is worth it. We pull small cargo trailer.

    We dream; lake, river, forest, be able to unleash the dogs , go hiking .

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    At under 700 miles, such a drive could be done quite leisurely in 2-3 days. Now, I-5 follows the Central Valley in southern California and the Sacramento Valley in northern California, but the mountains (and woods and lakes) are never to far away to your east as you work your way north. A couple of places which might meet your needs on the drive north are Calaveras Big Trees State Park or Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Once you get to northern California/southern Oregon there are several possibilities, including Smith River National Recreation Area, Redwood National Park, and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


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    Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area is nicely off route 1-5 (Northern California) and would be a great area for your needs.

    Although I have not used the camping facilities in the area from what I saw there are plenty of excellent sites. As in many parts of CA there have been somes fires so an online check before visiting would seem a good idea.

    And if you are a Bigfoot fan the area further north is prime territory for the creature. Must admit didn’t see a real one – just a stuffed one in Happy Camp.

    Happy travels

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