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    Hi everyone. So, two friends and I just worked out this itinerary for an upcoming trip, Kansas City -> Vancouver and back. Sorry about the long post, but we're looking for advice as to whether we're biting off more than we can chew and trying to pack too many places/miles into 14 days.

    The route is around 5000 miles. We're fairly sure we're going to cut out Mt. Ranier to free up a day elsewhere--any thoughts as to where that day should be reapportioned?

    Of course, any advice regarding campgrounds, awesome hikes, dining options, side attractions, etc. is VERY welcome! Thanks so much in advance, here's the route!

    1. Leave Lawrence Kansas 6am on the 21st and arrive badlands national park in SD at 4pm
    2. Spend night at Cedar Pass campground (no reservations needed)
    3. Spend the morning of the 22nd in badlands (there is a good driving loop to see the park)
    4. leave badlands at noon and arrive Yellowstone national park at 10 pm
    5. spend night of the 22nd at a lodge right outside park because we will be there too late
    6. spend the day of the 23rd at Yellowstone
    7. spend the night of the 23rd at baybridge campsite (call for reservations)
    8. spend the morning of the 24th in Yellowstone
    9. Leave Yellowstone by 1 pm on the 24th arrive mt. rainier nat’l park at 2am
    10. spend the night of the 24th at a motel in ashford WA or just tent near the side of the road
    11. Spend the day of the 25th at mt. rainier (good day hikes to the base of the mt)
    12. leave mt. rainier by 4pm on the 25th and arrive seattle by 6pm
    13. spend the night of the 25th at a hotel in seattle
    14. spend the morning of the 26th in seattle (must go to the fish market)
    15. leave seattle by noon on the 26th and arrive pacific rim by 8pm on the 26th
    16. Spend the night of the 26th at Green Point Campground in the park (reservation needed)
    17. Spend the day of the 27th at pacific rim and leave whenever
    18. Arrive Vancouver the evening of the 27th
    19. Spend the night of the 27th in Vancouver
    20. spend the day of the 28th in Vancouver
    21. spend the night of the 28th in Vancouver
    22. leave Vancouver 4 AM on the 29th and arrive jasper 1pm (this is the only way we will get into the park for sure)
    23. spend the afternoon of the 29th in Jasper
    24. spend the night of the 29th at waipiti campsite (reservations needed)
    25. spend the day of the 30th at Jasper and leave by 3pm and arrive Banff at 6pm
    26. spend the night of the 30th at Lake Louise campsite
    27. Spend day of the 31st at Banff
    28. spend the night of the 31st at Lake Louise campsite
    29. Leave Banff 6AM the morning of the 1st
    30. Arrive glacier national park at 11am the morning of 1st
    31. spend the rest of the day at glacier national park
    32. spend the night of the 1st at Many Glacier Hotel (supposed to be a really cool rustic hotel-might cost a little more)
    33. Leave glacier by 1 pm on the 2nd
    34. drive through the night and arrive Lawrence ks 11 AM on the morning of the 3rd
    35. take a nap
    36. go to the royals game
    37. go home
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    Default A bit much, with a doosey at the end

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    No one thing on your leg screams impossible (until the very end) but you've done one thing that is usually a very dangerous sign that you are trying to pack too much in. You are budgeting your time down to the hour.

    You may be able to make it between the points you've listed in the time you've allotted, but when you try to structure a trip to this extreme level of exactness, you run a major risk of focusing so much on your schedule that you simply can't enjoy the ride. Any time you see something that is interesting and worth stopping at, you'll always be looking at the clock. To me, that really takes away from the fun exploration that really makes a roadtrip different from a guided tour.

    I'll also note that you're making plans to drive late into the night some days and wake up very early to get on the road other days. It will be impossible to keep your body rested at that kind of pace. You're basically setting yourself up for doing this trip in semi-perminant jetlag.

    Stop focusing on hours, and build a rough outline of days. Also know where you have to be on schedule (and make those stops as few as possible), and where you can make changes and linger.

    Finally, You need eliminate your last overnight marathon, period. Glacier to Lawrence is 15 hundred miles, that really should be about a 3 day trip. Its not even physically possible to cover that kind of distance in 24 hours, and doing it and the end of a trip like this, where you're certain to be a bit fatigued already from spending so much time on the road is flat out reckless. Even attempting what you've listed there will put your lives, as well as the lives of everyone else on the road, in serious danger. Its not worth killing yourself or someone else, please don't try this.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Generally a well thought out itinerary with just a few spots worth commenting on.

    Yellowstone to Mt Ranier is over 700 miles. You can probably do it in a day with an early start and multiple drivers, but you will be missing a lot of gorgeous country along the way and will be exhausted the next day. You've got the time to make this a great trip. Spending a little of that time on this portion of the drive would be a good investment.

    While in Vancouver I heartily recommend that you take the time for one of the ferry rides from Tsawwassen through the islands (Galiano, Mayne, Saltspring or North Pender). Even if you don't take the car, the boat ride and a little hiking while waiting for the return boat would be a nice addition to this portion of the trip.

    There are several places in your trip where you plan to leave very early in the morning and make excellent time so as to arrive at a destination in the early afternoon. This may be possible, but relying on things always working according to plan is risky at best. Don't be surprised if you fall behind schedule. In fact I'd encourage you to. There is so much to see that you currently plan on just buzzing by. As it is you're only going to hit half a dozen locations, and while each of them could keep you happy for more than the 2 days or so you can devote to them, so could any number of other places along the way. Be flexible in your scheduling between places and plan on 'losing' a few hours to sight seeing along the way.

    And as Michael pointed out, your final leg is simply impossible.


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