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  1. Default NY to PHX and back the long way

    Well me and two others are going to Phoenix to see some family so we wanted to make big road trip out of the drive, seeing as much of the U.S as we can. We want to visit big cities and also go up into the mountains to see places like mt. rushmore. Our plan is to leave NY and stop in
    Rapid City
    Idaho Falls
    San Francisco
    and on the way back
    Kansas City
    Pittsburgh, then return home

    Some of the places are far from each other but we want to try to visit some of the countries nicest places and this lineup seems pretty good. Also we would probably stay at each place for at least 1 full day to recover from some of the driving. Are there any other places that anyone would recomend that would improve our trip?

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    Default How long have you got?

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A forums.

    That's quite some road trip you got planned there, but we really need some sort of a time scale to be able to help you.
    If your time scale is one night in each of those places then that's a lot of driving, too much in fact.

    You are looking at the best part of 2500 miles to go direct to phoenix, and that's without side trips to Chicago, Minneapolis, never mind Seattle and San Francisco. I would guess you are looking at 6 1/2 to 7,000 miles and by covering 500 miles a day you are looking at 14 busy days and you only have 11 nights listed.
    So I guess that leads us back to the original question, How long have you set aside for it? There are a million and one things to do en route and we can help you piece it together

  3. Default ok

    yea we were thinking something around a few days over 2 weeks to get to phx at most and maybe a little over a week on the way back. however i know hotels would cost too much for us to stay each night so we would have to camp or something most nights. we are not even sure if the seattle part will work out for us b/c it is a lot further and it obviously will cost a lot more money. we would give a good 2-3 full days in each city and probably only a day in the smaller places like Idaho and South Dakota.
    anyway thanks for the help!

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    Default About 3-4 weeks in total?

    If so I personally think you maybe better to skip Seattle/San fran and head south, either from Salt lake city or through Denver towards Phoenix.
    If you are camping and like the mountains as well then you can't go wrong through the parks of Colorado, Utah and Arizona for scenery.
    Unless you need to go to Minneapolis for a purpose, I wonder if it would be worth the detour?
    With the cities you have listed and the fact you may spend 2-3 days in each of the bigger ones, that adds up to a lot of time from your schedule.
    Have a think on it and put a rough itinerary together and maybe we can help.


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