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    Default California => Alaska

    Hey Everyone...

    I plan on getting started on routing a trip for next Summer. A friend of mine and I would like to leave the Los Angeles area and head north on Motorcycles to Alaska.

    I was thinking we'll take a coastal route on the way up and an inland route on the way down.

    Ares covered: California, Oregon, Washington, Western BC, & Alaska

    Anybody have suggestions for must sees on the way up?

    Also, is there a version of Microsoft Streets and Trips for Mac or some other Mac alternative?

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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    Default That should be fun!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    One of the best things to help plan a trip to Alaska is The Milepost. If you can't find a Mac version of Streets & Trips, you just use the free, online travel planners. Check out the links here with reviews and our recommendations.

    For the Alaska portion of your trip, you might enjoy reading through some of these discussions:
    An Alaska Adventure
    Another Alaska Adventure
    And yet another

    This post contains several links to discussions about Washington and Oregon.

    Of course, you can also use the search feature here to find other discussions about these areas.

    Why don't you review this information and get some ideas together. Come on back with further questions during your planning. The planning can be almost as much fun as the trip itself! So enjoy the process. Let us know how we can help you further.

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