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    Default east to west then south to north

    hi all-

    i'm planning a road trip beginning september 7th. i'm leaving the adirondacks and heading west. my plan is:

    kansas city*
    colorado springs*
    salt lake*
    san fran**
    coastal cali to san diego*
    el paso*
    midland tx*
    plano tx*****
    I-20 to atlanta***
    then somehow to wilmington, nc*
    and up the coast to virginia beach**
    greenwich, ct*
    back to the adks

    i'll be traveling solo with my dog. i'd like to camp if possible, when not staying with friends.

    i only plan to stay over night in each place that i stop (*) except where there are more asterisks.

    can anyone give me a ballpark range of how much i should plan to spend? and also, are there any good websites to find safe campgrounds or even bed and breakfasts?

    i've only traveled north south before, never east west.


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    Default only one?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If I understand your system correct, and you only plan to overnight in the places with one asterik, then I think you're looking at a trip with a whole lot of driving, and not much time to enjoy the ride. Many of the place you'll be stopping will be pretty long days on the road, where you're going to need all day on the road to get from point a to point b.

    Coming up with even a ballpark for costs is hard without knowing what you'll need for fuel, how you plan to eat, and how often you'll be camping/staying at friends/motels, etc. However, this post should give you some ideas about how to build a budget.

    As far as camping goes, Reserve America is a pretty good source for info about public campgrounds, or you could take a look at a guidebook on the subject. B&Bs can be a little more tricky, they also often require reservations, and often they aren't a particularly pet friendly option. They also require more research, but searching "state name" bed and breakfasts might get you a statewide assocation that would have a good directory.

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