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    Default Lexington, VA to Bella Vista, AR

    My girlfriend & I are planning a road trip from Bergen County, NJ to Lexington, VA, August 17-30 (to visit her family) & then driving from Lexington, VA to Bella Vista, AR (NW Arkansas, north of Fayetteville, near Bentonville, Rogers, etc.) to visit friends of mine. THEN on the way back, we're going to do the reverse trip. The plan is this: Drive from NJ to Lexington, VA on the 17th. Rest & gain supplies on 18th, then drive the approximately 1000 miles 1 way to Bella Vista with 1 overnight stop (doable?) 'halfway' on our route (64 to 55 to 44 etc). We don't have any 'must-sees' on the way to Arkansas, so we'd pretty much stay on the 'road' so to speak just to maximize time in Arkansas. Then leave the 26th-27th & do the reverse. This is a different type of roadtrip for me b/c it's about the destination, not what's in between, so we both don't plan on making any side trips to cut down on costs...

    So---for starters, I know I think I've made this very confusing, but what would be a good halfway point from Lexington, VA to Bella Vista, AR? I have guesstimated Louisville, KY (which we've been to) & maybe Evansville, IN, but would like some input from anyone who might be familiar w/this trip.

    Also, is the 1000 miles in 2 days doable?

    I have travel & tourist information from Arkansas, so once I'm there, we should be fine.

    Thank you & if this is too confusing, please feel free to post here or email me with suggestions.

    Thank you

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    Default 500 miles per day is very reasonable

    Quote Originally Posted by tennisNJ View Post
    I have guesstimated Louisville, KY (which we've been to) & maybe Evansville, IN,
    Both Louisville and Evansville would make nice overnight stops. 500 miles per day is very reasonable -- even though you've been a member for a couple years... this is your first post, so.... Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I have fond memories for both cities -- but Louisville is pretty great. And is Louisville I would certainly recommend eating at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.


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    Default Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yeah, that's all doable. Bergen to Lexington is just over 400 miles, but includes some heavy traffic, while Lexington to Bella Vista is a shade more than 1000 miles, so can be done in two 500 mile days with your halfway point being about an hour west of Louisville, KY. Covering 500 miles a day doesn't leave a lot of time for sight seeing, but still a little time out of the car for mental rest and physical exercise would be time well spent. Check your map for state parks and wildlife refuges near the highway where you can take a few short hikes.


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    Thank you both very much for your warm welcomes!

    Believe it or not, in the 4 years we've been making tri-yearly trips from Bergen Co. to Lexington, VA, we've never hit traffic aside from say a 10-15 minute backup. We routinely do the 420 miles in under 7 hours regardless of departure time & since we'll be staying w/family & friends, that's a big savings.

    Normally on our roadtrips, we go from city to city, all of which are approximately 4 hours of driving away from each other & doing a loop back to our starting point. This is different only b/c we plan on spending a week in 1 location & are willing to 'skip' sightseeing along the route to spend more time sightseeing around our destination.
    We've been to Louisville & [U]thoroughly[U]enjoyed it enough to spend more time there, just not on this trip. What we tend to do on roadtrips that require more driving & less sightseeing is finding local colleges & universities on the way 'there' & stopping on their campuses for lunch & souvenirs, such as a shotglass for my girlfriend's massive collection & a university teeshirt for my collection (with or without tennis on it lol).

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    Default Whatever Works for You

    My main point was that any long trip can be broken into a series of smaller trips by a judicious choice of places to stop along the way and recharge. If walking college campuses and buying souvenirs is what you enjoy, then by all means. Just a partial list of the institutions of higher learning you'll be coming within a very few (less than 5) miles of as you make your way between Lexington and Bella Vista include the University of Charleston, Transylvania University (Really!), Kentucky State University, University of Louisville, Indiana University SE, McKendree College, St Louis University, Washington University, University of Missouri - Rolla, and Ozark Christian College.

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