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    Looking to do a road trip in late September or October from Chicago to Maine and back. I'm open to make some stops along the way and possibly come back through Canada since I've never be there.

    1) My first question is what month would be best to go to Maine to see the best sights and maybe color changes in leaves in the NE? Is September good or October better?

    2) Any stops along the way that are a MUST SEE?, I'm looking to make a lot of amateur postcard photos of mountain area's, scenic scenes and basically anything interesting along the way.

    3) Would it be advisable to enter into Canada on the drive back, if so, what would there be to do along the route? I heard of some safari place where monkeys and other animals roam and you can drive your car through it.

    4) And basically I have no knowledge of Maine and would just like to go and see what is up there, what Towns are a must to see? What is a must scenic route or destination? What is there to do up there? What is the typical weather in September or October?

    Any help would be appreciated, I think this forum is great, especially since I LOVE ROAD TRIPS!

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    Default Best = busiest.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    As you can see from this foliage site the peak [best] time to visit for "leaf peepers" is historically from the beginning to mid October, however that will mean a lot of visitors in the area at that time. This has knock on affects such as congestion, a lack of available accommodation, which would mean booking in advance and possibly paying a premium for a room, so the "best" time does have it's downside.

    For some good info on the area from the forums click here and you will see some good links in the 2nd post to help you.

    Also you should get plenty of info from here.
    That should get you started, so have a look through and don't hesitate to come back with more questions, although somebody with "first hand" knowledge of the area may be along soon to answer more of your questions.
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    Dave has given you a good overall view of the joys and problems of New England in the Fall. Let me address a couple of your other questions. As you will see repeated over and over in these forums, there simply is no 'best' or 'must see'. There is only what appeals to you, and you've not given anyone a clue as to what that might be. With that in mind and even so, I'd recommend that you take a pass on Canada this trip. Going that way would not save you very many miles at all, and then you'd have thee hassle of at least two border crossings. Instead, I think you might like to take an alternative route through the U.S., rather than just take I-80/I-90 both ways. A good scenic and historic alternative would include large portions of MA-2, the Mohawk Trail, through western Massachusetts, and US-6, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, through northern Pennsylvania.


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    Ohio's stretch of Lake Erie has lots to offer.

    Definitely stop at Tony Packo's in Toledo and get out to Put-In-Bay out in the lake. It's like a mini Key West, but a lot closer. Then, there's the beautiful Marblehead Lighthouse.

    Maine, from the New Hampshire border to Bah Haba, as they call it, is just one great thing after another.

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I looked at some of the links and they look great and excellent photo opportunities. I'll have to get my wife involved since she's the one that does most of the research.. :)

    I'm thinking that it will be a 1200mile/22hr trip one way to hit the north point so I think we might pass on Canada and my wife's passport is not updated with her new last name so that might be a problem.

    I'm hoping to see some scenery of changing colors including landscapes of old farms, coastal area's, rolling hills/mountains river and lakes. I'm not really a history buff, i'm more of a visual landscape admirer. So from the links you sent on main I think I might be going out there first or second week of October just so I can hit the peaks, I don't mind people and some traffic if that means seeing the peak of the beauty this country has to offer.

    Thanks everyone for your info so far.

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