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    Hi, we are planning our first trip to the US from the UK in September, any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Our current plan is to fly to Chicago and rent an RV for 10 days - explore Chicago, then drive to Niagara Falls via Detroit or Cleveland, visit Toronto, then on to Boston for a couple of nights before ending up in New York, where we plan to leave the RV and get a hotel for a couple of nights before flying home. The trip will be 14 nights in total.

    We've heard that heading to Niagara Falls from the Canada side is more interesting than the American side, would people agree with this? Can anyone recommend any good places to stay along the way in an RV, or any must-see places that we shouldn't miss?

    As I said, this will be our first trip to the USA and we really want to make the most of it - thanks!

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    RVs certainly have there place in RoadTrips, but yours doesn't sound like one where such a vehicle would make a lot of sense. Your list of places you want to visit are all urban areas where parking and navigating an RV, even a small Class B one, would be difficult. Add the fact that the hire fee would likely be $1500-$2000 when you add in the one-way drop off charge (vs a car hire that should run less than $1000) and the extra gas, and I just don't see the point.

    I also don't necessarily know that heading to Niagara through Canada is more interesting than going through the U.S. Certainly, the Canadian side of the falls has a lot to offer and should not be missed, but the drive there through Sandusky (classic amusement park), Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cuyahoga Valley National Park), etc. should be interesting enough to hold your attention.

    So have a look at and discussion about those two basic options regarding your trip, let us know what you decide and what your basic interests are, and we can offer you some more specific advice.

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