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  1. Default Traveling from Florida to Brunswick, Maine

    Hi all,

    I'm moving from central Florida to Brunswick, ME.

    I'll have two cats in my car.

    I want to avoid really congested areas.

    I did a map on Google (Plant City, Fl to Brunswick, Me).

    It looks to be mostly I-95 until I get to Connecticut.

    Does anybody know if this route (which includes going near Washington, DC, the New Jersey Turnpike and Del Memorial Bridge) is really congested and busy? (5 lanes of 100 mph traffic or something like that?)

    I don't mind driving a bit out of the way for a more peaceful route.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Thanks very much!


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I-95 is perhaps the most heavily traveled route in the United States. I doubt you'll see 100mph traffic on this route...or any other route, for that matter (I certainly hope not).

    One option you have is to head up I-95 to I-26, then I-77 to I-81, and from there I-88 in New York and you can go up I-87 then across VT and NH into Maine, though that route is definitely more involved.

    I would also recommend you check out our resources on traveling with pets, a couple of which can be found linked here and here.

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    Thanks for the info and alternate route Tim!

    I've been up and down the east coast (but only from Florida to Rochester, NY).

    I've never been near New Jersey, NYC, and Washington and I'm a little nervous about driving by (or through) these areas.


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