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    My wife and I are planning a road trip to south america,Paraguay to be ecxact.
    Anyone knows what the kilometers would be from Vancouver BC Canada to Panama canal ?
    Who has some info. about taking a ferry or ship over to columbia.? We wanted to go on the pacific side or is the antlantic side crossing a lot cheaper?
    10 years ago I took a trip from Lima Peru to Asuncion Paraguay,but did not take a camera,only a vidio camera and so have no pictures to share.
    Hoping to have some after this trip .

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    Offhand, I don't know how far it would be, exactly. Looking at the map, a rough estimate would be around 6000km. I found some online tools to do the calculation using latitude and longitude, and that seems to be accurate "as the crow flies". I would add at least 15% to that figure - about 6900km.

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    Default Round Numbers and Guesses

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    I couldn't find mapping software that would calculate the entire route, but by getting accurate numbers to southern Mexico and guesstimating the rest of the way, I'd say you're looking at 8,000 km from Vancouver to Panama City by the most expedient route. I don't know of any car ferries currently in operation between Panama and Columbia on either the Atlantic or Pacific side. I believe you can have your car shipped on a cargo vessel, but that's a bit different (and more difficult).


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    Default I concur

    There are no car ferries for that gap -- you have to use a container on ship. There are several threads in this forum about road trips to South America -- Here are a couple to get you started:

    Driving to South America -- several members weigh-in.
    Not entirely germane -- but here is some info about driving in Brazil....

    There are a couple of books that cover such a road trip (at the moment, I can't find the list of the new ones, but here is an oldie but goodie about Tim Cahill and Garry Sowerby's adventure.

    Happy Planning!


  5. Default S. American trip to Paraguay

    Which Would you recommend : atlantic side or pacific side by Panama to take the ship to Columbia ? We plan to take the westside travel over Ecuador and Peru.Anyone knows the cost per vehicle to ship to Columbia ?

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    Wow, now that's a trip right there. I wish you the best of luck for that trip. Let us all know how it went.

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