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    So at the end of this month my friend and I are driving back to school in Brooklyn and are planning to spend about 4 days on the road. I was just wondering if anyone had any route advice or suggestions of what we shouldn't miss on the way. We are both photography students so driving through and stopping in places that are interesting is more important than speed (to an extent..).
    Anyways, I'm thinking that for the first driving day we'll drive to Graceland clice, yes but still, I've never seen it) and spend the night in that area. Other than that, we have no set plans although being able to stop and see the ocean would be great.

    Tips, suggestions, ideas?
    Thanks so much

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    As you probably know, you can cover that distance in three days of driving about 500 miles a day. That's roughly the distance from Dallas to Memphis, so that does make a good first night's stop. So, let's say you've got an extra day on the last segment. Then I'd recommend the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Shenandoah National Park for scenic interest; Washington and Philadelphia for history, museums and architecture; and Lexington, VA and Annapolis, MD for small town charm. If you want to throw in a little beach time (Remember, if you want to do this in 4 days total, you don't have all that much extra time.) string together Washington, Annapolis and Ocean City, MD all of which are on US-50, then head north through Delaware to pick up I-95 just south of Wilmington for the rest of the drive up to NYC.


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