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    We are traveling to see some friends and would like suggestions for stops along the way. Is there anything going north that we can stop and see that won't take us off the beaten path?

    Also, on the second half of our trip we are going to Seattle and then will come down to Portland. Are there any restaurants that I must stop at. I really love seeing local places that have good food, other than chain outlets. After we leave Portland, we really don't know whats next.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.



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    Default Good Stops Everywhere

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Just for starters, and all within about 10 miles of your main routen north, there are Crater Lake National Park, Crooked River National Grassland, and Deschutes River Recreation Area.


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    Default I hope you're doing different routes each way

    I think it's always more fun to vary your route so you're not driving virtually the same way there as you are home. You might go through the eastern side of Oregon on your way to Kennewick.

    An easy place to leave I-5 would be at Weed, CA. Take 97 to Klamath Falls, enjoy a stop at beautiful Crater Lake, and continue north with stops at places like Newberry Volcanic National Monument and the charming town of Bend. You might enjoy a small detour to Warm Springs where they have an interesting museum and Native American stuff of interest as this is tribal land. White River Falls would also make a nice stop.

    Once you hit the Columbia River, you might want to cross over to the Washington side and take Hwy 14 east. You could also take I-84 on the Oregon side but the Washington side gets you off the interstate and is a more charming road, imho. You will be driving by wineries, parks along the Columbia where you can stop for a swim, etc. It only takes a few minutes longer to drive this road than it would to take the interstate. But both are beautiful options.

    After Seattle, you can take either I-5 or 101 along the coast on the way home. It really depends on how much time you have. Figure 2 days taking I-5 but you'd want at least 4 to do 101.

    Seattle has so many great restaurants that it's a bit hard to give you just a few options. Canlis, Anthony's, and the Metropolitan Grill are some of our favorites for fine dining. There are a couple of great pubs with good food that I know the location but don't recall the names of. And, of course, a meal at the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle is a great experience, too! What kind of food are you looking for? Seattle is known for its seafood.

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    Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I appreciate it.

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