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    My husband and I are traveling from Sacramento to Ann Arbor via I 80 and we were hoping for food and roadside attraction advice. Are there any must see points of interest. We're relocating and shipped our belongings ahead of us so we are driving with a small pop-up camper and have six days of leeway. We are also hopping for some advice about where we can stop to shower and sleep, we plan to stay in the camper. Neither of us has ever been to any of the states that the route takes us through so any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!


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    Default A list of attractions

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    I have not travelled this road but here is a list of places to visit along I-80 as listed by AZBuck.

    Once you have found places of interest and where you may want to stop you shouldn't have trouble locating campgrounds in that area or within parks.

    Have a look through the list of links to get you started and let us know what your main interests are and I'm sure someone will be able to answer with greater detail. The journey itself is something like 2300 miles so you will be looking at covering between 350 and 400 miles a day, over the 6 days so not to much time to spare in between for side trips.

    I would imagine,at a rough estimate it would look something like this to even out your trip :

    1) Sacramento to Elko [425 miles]

    2)Elko to Green river [400 miles] (Flaming gorge)

    3)Green river to Laramie/Cheyenne [250miles] (Medicine Bow national forest)

    4)Medicine bow to Grand Island [400 miles]

    5) Grand island to Davenport [450 miles]

    6)Davenport to anna abor [400 miles] [mileages aprox]
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    Default Campgrounds

    We are also hopping for some advice about where we can stop to shower and sleep, we plan to stay in the camper.
    Most campgrounds have showers. Some are free with your campground fee and some require quarters or tokens. If you do end up staying in a campground without showers, you can always stop at any major truck stop (like Flying J, for example) and take a shower. They're a bit pricey though as they often cost around $10 each. If the weather is warm, you could also purchase something like this. They work surprisingly well. In a pinch, you might also check out the dressing rooms at state/county parks near swimming areas as they often have showers. And you can often purchase a daypass relatively inexpensively at a YMCA or similar place and take a shower there. At our YMCA, it's only $5 (so cheaper than a truck stop). So there are lots of options.

    Your route parallels and includes some of the old Lincoln Highway. This post will tell you a bit more about that, especially post 5.

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    Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah. Park City, UT. Abe Lincoln's head on a stick (mm323 in Wyoming; actually, it's a monument for him and the Lincoln Highway which borrows his name), Great Platte River Road Archway Monument (never stopped, but it might be your thing).


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