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    Default From Arkansas to New England - Here I Come!

    Hi everyone! I'm so stoked about this road trip and I'd really love some help. I have a goal to see all 50 states by the time I'm 30 (which I'll be 27 in October, so I'm totally making it happen). Well, I only have 6 left: West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont. So, this September, I'm going to drive round trip from Arkansas to hit each of these states and come home.

    I'm planning on just stopping in Martinsburg, WV and putting foot on soil there since it saves time that way. I don't mind doing the same with Delaware or New Jersey either. However, with the other states CT, RI, VT - I'd love to see things there and around. I've been to MA and ME before and plan on stopping in Kennebunkport because I have some fantastic memories there as well. So stuff in MA and that area of ME is great too. Oh! And the last time I drove through Virginia - I was utterly captivated. So if anyone has some things to see there too!

    I like nature things that aren't difficult to get to. Big fan of the ocean and lighthouses. I like history, little towns, mom and pop stores. I can handle big city traffic just fine - I jam in my car to good music! But, I like to avoid crowds. I like out of the way spots, things that only the locals know about.
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    If you're stopping in Martinsburg you should swing down to Harpers Ferry, WV. Harpers Ferry is a great area for hiking, tubing, or just visiting the little eateries and pubs along the main strip. Then take 81 down to 66 and cut east to 495N. The 81/66 route will put you past a lot of nice scenery and wineries. The wineries in Northern Virginia/Shenandoah are gorgeous. I believe you'll cut right past Chrysalis and Linden wineries, two of the bigger ones. If you see Oasis winery don't fall for it - they're holding onto an old dream there.

    495N will put you on the high-toll road to New England, however, so be careful with that. I think that route's costing close to $20 each way these days.

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    Default I Made the Same Mistake

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When I was first collecting all 50 (+10 Canadian), I too did the foot-down type of trip through a few states. I now regret it. I was in a race with my niece, and the only real rule we had was that airports didn't count. But there is so much more to all of the states that I gave short shrift to that I've been going back and seeing what I missed, when it would have been so easy to do right the first time. In your case, the distance is long enough between Arkansas and Maine, and slight detours make so little difference in overall miles, and there's no reason why you can't do two different routes up and back, and..., that you might as well thoroughly enjoy completing your list.

    I'd therefore suggest that you look at going up through the heart of West Virginia on I-77/I-79 from southwestern Virginia. Take the shortcut between them on US-19 and enjoy the 'Country Roads'. Then at Morgantown use I-68 and some of US-40 (the old National Road) through the panhandle of Maryland before hopping on I-81/I-84 up to Newburg, NY. From there use I-87 (toll) or the Taconic Parkway (free) up to the Albany, NY/Bennington, VT area. VT-9 across southern Vermont is picturesque and historic. NH-9/US-202 will complete your journey to Maine in scenic fashion.

    Then on the way home, take a more southern route to pick up your last 3. Bypass Boston on O-495 on your way to Newport, RI and visit some of the 'Cottages'. Then follow the coast to Mystic, CT and visit the Seaport and if you haven't had lobster yet ask the way to Abbott's. Head up to Hartford to start a detour around NYC. Two great stops in the Hartford area are Mark Twain's home and Dinosaur State Park. If you do the latter, also take the time to use the Glastonbury Ferry. I-84/I-286 will get you around New York and into northern New Jersey. Here again you should take the time to see something of the state so head south on US-206 though its center then US-322/NJ-50/US-9 to Cape May and the ferry over to Lewes, DE. Get some beach time in nearby Rehoboth and then head across the Delmarva Peninsula via US-9/DE-18/DE-404/MD-404/US-50 (a fitting road to include on this trip, don't you think?) to the Bay Bridge and Annapolis, MD. With all 50 under your belt you can then just head west to I-81 and the road home.

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    Default Update

    Okay, so I've got my latest stops plotted. A helpful poster made me realize there would be expensive toll roads and such. So, I'm going to link my map and hope that you all will guide me around traps!
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    Default Toll Roads, Toll Roads, Toll Roads

    Your proposed route is replete with toll roads and bridges:

    The New York State Thruway (I-90 on the portion you'll be driving) is one of the more expensive toll roads around. What you have mapped will cost you around $13.50 I believe. You're also planning to drive on the Maine Turnpike ($2.35), the New Hampshire Turnpike ($1.50), the George Washington Bridge ($8.00 eastbound), the New Jersey Turnpike ($6.45), the Delaware Memorial Bridge ($3.00 westbound), the Delaware Turnpike ($4.00 - possibly the most expensive toll road on a $/mile basis in the U.S.), and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway ($5.00) in MD. Forewarned is forearmed.


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    Default Boo to Tolls

    Oh no! Is there any way to avoid them?? I was told that it wouldn't be more than $15 bucks and that there wasn't a way to avoid them... I don't know what to do!
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