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  1. Default Thanksgiving Roadtrip - any suggestions?

    Hello all !

    I am new to Roadtip America posting, but have viewed website a few times for ideas.

    I would appreciate your expert advice for a Thanksgiving Roadtrip.

    I was thinking Amish Country, PA ... Lancaster, Gettysgurg...etc. As I live in Miami, we don't get much of the leaf changing experience, pumpkins, and all around Thanksgiving feel. I am truly looking for a week long drive to experience Americana during Thanksgiving.

    I am open to you suggestions.


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    Default changing of season

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you may have two small problems. The first is timing. By Thanksgiving, you're really moving beyond autumn and into early winter in much of the US. Most of the leaf changing will be well past peak by that point of the year, and snow would be within the range of possibilities.

    The other is the amount of time you have. If this is a week from Miami round trip, then you might be pushing yourself a bit much. Its 2 long days to make the trip from Miami to PA, so you'd be looking at 4 long days of traveling, with 3 days to explore. There's nothing wrong with that, but it sounds like it might be a bit more rushed than you are looking for.

    I might keep my attention focused a little closer to home, and do more exploring of the southeast, with areas like the smokey mountains and the blue ridge parkway and then also places along the virginia and carolina coast.

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    Default Colorful Trip Closer to Home

    I agree with Michael that it will be a bit late in the season for foliage in Pennsylvania, and that trying to get all the way up there and back in only a week will cut into your enjoyment time. For better color closer to home, but still with a mountain feel, I'd head through western Georgia into western South and North Carolina. Foliage will still be at peak in those areas. Remember that the Appalachian Trail starts in Georgia and heads north along the crest of those mountains. In place of Gettysburg, try Andersonville. Instead of viewing tourist Amish, take a trip back through time by visiting FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs. And there are several Appalachian Thanksgiving celebrations in northern Georgia.


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