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    I need some suggestions... My aging parents are planning a trip in their new 5th wheeler (they have never driven one before) from Maine to Arizona starting 10/01 to arrive 11/20 ish. They would like to see some sights, really like National Park type things, drive 250 to 300 miles a day not at night, and stop for a day in between. I would like them to be as safe as possible, they are not used to very heavy traffic, need an easy route, but this is their big dream adventure...anyone have any suggestions of what to do and what not to do????Thanks, Jettabean

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I think this is going to be a matter of attitude on your parents part as much as anything, and I think they have the right idea to take it very easy driving a big new rig across country. Clearly they should stick to the Interstates as much as possible. These roads are built to specifications which limit the steepness of grades and the tightness of curves so that 18 wheelers can travel them with a minimum of difficulty. If your parents just settle down in the right lane and try to keep up with the general speed of truck traffic they should be fine. Avoiding traffic is going to be just a bit more difficult, since these highways are also built to connect the largest cities so some urban driving will be unavoidable. If they can plan their drives through cities at mid morning (10:00-11:00) or early afternoon (2:00-4:00) and use beltways wherever possible, that would help. Also, built up areas where the highway has multiple lanes and frequent exits are an exception to the right lane rule. In those areas, they'll want to stay in the 2nd lane from the right, leaving the rightmost lane to exiting and entering traffic.

    As to a route, there are many, many options depending on what they want to see along the way and where they're headed in Arizona. If you could be a bit more specific about what they have in mind we could be of more help suggesting specific set of roads.


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    My parents will be going to Williams AZ as the first long term destination. I believe that they wish to stay toward the north on the way out and when they head back go a very much more southern route. They are wide open to "what to see" so really it comes down to what is a "must see". Thanks for any input. Jettabean

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    As you'll repeatedly find on this forum, we hate the term "Must See" because there really is no such thing. Every roadtrip is different and every traveler has different tastes. Even something like the Grand Canyon can be seen as one of the most wonderous things on the planet, or a big hole in the ground, depending upon your interests and perspectives.

    When you are talking about a trip that encompasses the entire US, its pretty hard to narrow down a list of attractions (and the possibilities are literally in the millions) when you don't know anything about the people who are going to be doing the trip and what things they are looking for.

    As Buck mentioned, if you can give us some specifics on the kinds of things they are looking for, it would go a long way towards allowing us to provide any meaningful advice.

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