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    I'm moving my stuff back to California and with the HI COST of professional movers I have decided to move my stuff back home myself. A ROAD TRIP.
    I was wondering with all the expierence on this board, if anyone knew about this trip. The route that mapquest has given me goes through I-76 to Ohio to 80 W to Indiana to 80 W to Illinois to 280 W to Iowa to 80 W to Nebraska and Wyoming and then to Reno to Sacramento. I was curious if anyone knew what was good on this route.

    I was looking to see if there were any websites that may have any info about this trip.

    things like Sights to see...Landmarks...famous places to eat...and are gas stations pretty available on this route....

    Thanks for all your help.....

    Thomas K

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    One thing to take note of - on almost every stretch of Interstate highway in the United States, you are never very far from a gas station, so you shouldn't worry too much about that. There is a long stretch on I-70 in Utah (about 100 miles or so) where there is a gap.

    To find out what is "good to see", tell us more about yourself - are you looking for the most direct route, or are you okay with meandering a bit? Are you a big nature buff, or do you prefer spending your time in a glistening metrpolis (or both?)

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    Default Another thing that will help us help you... much time do you have for this trip?

    Generally, figure 5 days just to make the crossing. This is mostly driving with a couple hours each day for quick sightseeing. So you'll need extra days if you want to spend time exploring and meandering.

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    We are really looking for the most direct route....

    My brother who is flying in to drive with me has to be back in time for school to start. I would love to find any cool food place and and thing of sights. Since the trip is more for "purpose" and not for "pleasure" we would like to have a bit of fun on the way.

    I really like eating good and different foods. So any kinda place that has history or great food I would love to check out.

    As far as sights go...we will take anything...we just wanna take a bunch of fun pics and make a trip of it.



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    Default Quickest? Okie-dokie...

    Then just take I-76 to the merge with I-80 and follow it all the way west. At about 2800 you can do it in 5 days averaging 560 miles per day. That's at the high end of what we recommend you drive each day. Very do-able but you won't have time for anything except a few quick stops, here-and-there, along the way.

    I wouldn't recommend traveling far from the interstate to see things that catch your interest unless you're able to add more days than 5 to your trip.

    This is a very historical route as much of it follows the old Lincoln Highway which was the first trans-continental highway in the US, predating the more well-known Route 66 by several decades. But the history along this route goes back even farther than it's dedication in 1913 as it followed routes that were already historical, like old military trails and Native American trails, sections of the Mormon Trail, of the old Pony Express Routes and Overland Stage, the Donner Pass, and more.

    Of course, when it was dedicated, that doesn't mean it was paved. Most of it wasn't. Most travelers took 20-30 days to make the x-country trip. And that's if they hurried.

    So, really, the history of the road itself and along it should be interesting.

    You might enjoy this article and this discussion. And follow the links in that discussion for other good information.

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