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  1. Default From the UK!! West to East coast USA!!

    Hello all,

    Im a complete noob to this and thought you guys could help me out with a couple of things. I am planning to travel from LA to NY next August over about 3 weeks.

    Are there any good sites I can hire a car from LA and leave in NY? or just buy a car?

    How much spending money would i need? (i know this depends but ball park figures are useful!)

    Is 3 weeks long enough?


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    Default Welcome to America

    and to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Three weeks will give you time to cross the country and do some sightseeing along the way. It typically takes 5 days to travel cross-country with very limited sightseeing. So, in effect, the extra 2 weeks gives you plenty of time to meander and explore along the way.

    There are obstacles to buying a car that make this a bad option for such a short trip. For the best deal on car rentals, you just really need to shop around. Visit the various websites for the major car rental agencies and compare. You might use one of the tools on the various travel websites that compare prices. Sometimes even using a different pick-up/drop-off location will make a difference. Be advised that there will be a one-way drop-off fee with all agencies.

    This post will give you some tips on how to calculate your budget needs. Why don't you work through the suggestions and come back here with your results? We can then give you feedback.

    You might also benefit from some of the information on our International Visitors page.

    What route do you plan on taking?

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    Default Enterprise is the cheapest

    Enterprise car rental I guess would be your best and cheapest bet for one way rental. I will be doing a cross-country road trip from Boston-LA-Boston in Sept. and initially I was also planning on renting a car one way too and flying back from LA but I will be doing a 2 way road trip now. While looking for rental deals, the best I could find was Enterprise. I have rented 5-6 times from Enterprise. Dropping in NYC could be expensive sometimes so I would adivce looking at the option of dropping the car in Newark, NJ which is right on the border of NYC. There are some coupon codes also floating on the internet for various rental companies which you could apply while booking the car.

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    Default Renting in England first

    Many international visitors have reported that they get better deals through travel agencies in their own countries. If you get quotes directly from the car rental agencies, make sure you put in your country of residence in the questionaires as you will get a cheaper rate than US citizens can get.

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    Default Enterprise doesn't do One way

    My bad!! I am sorry, while writing about one way rental my mind switched to a round trip rental. Enterprise doesn't do One way rental. Best deals I have found for 1 way rental is through Budget and National. I was lucky to find a 10 day 1 way rental from Boston to Los Angeles for $450 but I am over 25.

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    There´s a lot of campaigns, offers, special offers, sales, exclusive offers, discounts, price cuts, internet special prices and so on. The best is to look around for the best prices that fits your needs. Check at least 6-7 of the big companies and you will be sure that you will got a very good price. Maybe not the absolutely cheapest, but to finding that, you will need to compare dozens of companies.

    I have found out that it is about 30% lower price when rent a car at Newark airport instead of JFK airport! That is a lot of money to save there (the airport code for Newark is EWR). Even if you get a limosine from JFK to Newark for pick up the car, you will save money.

    Right now the americans found their gas to be expensive. As an european we use to pay more than $8/gallon of gas, so we don´t care :-) But, right now it´s "cheap" to rent real big cars. Not so many people rent them when the gas is expensive. After a lot of googling I found a Cadillac DTS for 4 weeks, free mileage beeing $1,20/day cheaper, than to rent a Chevy Impala. Of course the gas will be more expensive, but it´s worth it for driving a "Caddie".

    There is a lot of discount codes, but if England has something similar to AAA and a agrement with US AAA, and you´re a member, you usually get 10% discount not only at the car rental, but also motels/hotels. I found that very good when booking some nights from home.

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    Default Best deal I found

    Hi there

    Sat writing this from a hotel in Amarillo as I am half way through my coast to coast going east to west.

    Best deal I found after looking and planning for about a year was Dollar.

    I rented a Chrysler Sebring convertible automatic with cruise, aircon, digital radio ( with jack point for iPod) and 6 disc changer etc etc.

    18 days rental from Nedwark to SF cost me £397 all in . I have to pay a $500 one way drop off fee but they all charge that becuase of the distance involved. When the roof is down theres not a huge lot of space in the boot / trunk.

    Newark Airport into NYC cost $15 on teh train straight into Penn Station
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    thanks everyone, i lost my links to this site and have not logged in for ages, thanks for all the useful info

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